• How does Vehicle GPS tracker monitor temporary vehicle entry and exit?


    When in the scene of relatively large vehicle mobility such as construction sites, shipping terminals, tourist attractions, and industrial parks, as a property and management party, one of the more headaches may be encountered is how to monitor and manage temporary vehicles. After all, these vehicles It’s not your own vehicle. However, it’s often not realistic to connect other people’s vehicles with a vehicle-mounted GPS tracker. Even if you reluctantly connect it when the vehicle leaves, you have to take it off again. This will easily cause the exit and entrance vehicles to block and cause Some unnecessary troubles.

    There are also some smart city IoT projects, such as smart construction sites, smart industrial parks, etc., not only need to supervise temporary vehicles but also need to report the running trajectory and vehicle conditions of temporary vehicles to the main system in real-time. On the front page of the main system Multi-functional, multi-window parallel management can be realized. At this time, a vehicle positioning system that can support API transfer is required to transmit vehicle operating data to the back-end server of the main system through the API standard interface.



    Concox has long insisted on solving the pain points and difficulties in vehicle supervision. Based on the core technology of Beidou and GPS dual-mode positioning, it has launched a temporary vehicle supervision system solution to the problem of difficult supervision of temporary vehicle entry and exit, assisting various smart projects The operators, construction units, and management agencies of the company conduct comprehensive and accurate supervision of temporary vehicles entering and exiting and form the key to the vehicle condition and action route of temporary vehicles. The key data is transmitted to the Internet of Vehicles monitoring platform in real-time for data storage and analysis. The API interface is transmitted to the main system and the service background, thereby providing smart positioning terminals for smart projects, improving management level and efficiency, and ensuring the safe and normal operation of the park.

    The program is divided into two parts. The first part is the hardware acquisition terminal, which is usually performed by a vehicle GPS locator. The model of this tracker is JM01. The JM-VW01 is a feature-rich and flexible fleet management device capable of meeting the fleet and logistics monitoring requirements for both current and future markets. Designed with a comprehensive I/O feature set including 1-Wire® and RS232 interfaces, the JM-VW01 supports a wide range of functions like fuel level and temperature monitoring, door status detection, driver ID, and more.

    The second part is the vehicle monitoring system, which uses information technology, big data technology, cloud computing technology, Beidou positioning technology, etc. to achieve "vehicle-machine interconnection", real-time monitoring of all links in the entry process of temporary vehicles, timely warning, Record traceability, and other work. The real-time monitoring function is mainly for vehicle monitoring functions, such as vehicle tracker, real-time vehicle condition, driving speed, etc.; the record traceability function is mainly the playback function, such as historical trajectory, parking event, trajectory download, and other applications; the timely warning function is mainly the alarm reminder function, Such as Overspeed alarm, disassembly alarm, fence alarm, and other applications. And use API standard interface to provide vehicle driving data for smart IoT projects.

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