• How does Tracking for Rental Equipmen apply to the car rental industry?


    Under the influence of COVID-19, self-driving trips by renting a car have become popular, and short-distance self-driving trips have become the main driving force in the car rental market. However, for car rental companies, incidents of whether the vehicle is borrowed or not have to be prevented, especially when encountering professional gangs. Others’ ID cards, forged vehicle production certificates, low-priced mortgages to cash out vehicles. The GPS positioning solutions currently available on the market can basically only meet vehicle location tracking, and leasing companies usually can only call the police for help after the vehicle disappears, and cannot predict the risk in advance.


    The GPS solution for car rental uses the vehicle fleet tracking system and ultra-long standby wireless locator as the data collection portal, combined with the AI ​​vehicle wind control platform to predict vehicle risks in advance, intelligently capture the dynamic behavior characteristics of each vehicle, and provide a comprehensive assessment of the nationally used cars Electronic fences are set up at sensitive points such as loan-to-pay companies. When a vehicle has abnormal behavior, the platform will automatically warn relevant personnel and pay attention to risky vehicles in time to take preventive and control measures.

    After the rental vehicle is installed with a GPS locator, not only can the vehicle be located in real-time, but the user's driving behavior, route, speeding, staying and other data are also clear at a glance. When a user is driving dangerously, the APP will prompt the user with voice prompts, which will help strengthen the awareness of safe driving and reduce the risk of vehicle accidents. At the same time, the car rental company can according to user behavior preferences in terms of network location, vehicle scheduling, vehicle maintenance, etc. Use data as a reliable support to make more scientific and efficient decisions.


    According to reports, the scale of the car rental market in 2021 is expected to reach 77 billion yuan. While upgrading risk control methods, leasing companies still need to be user-experience-oriented and provide consumers with car pick-up points, models, and car replacement methods. More diversified and differentiated service options accelerate the development of enterprise digital intelligence and better connect users' needs.

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