• How do vehicle trackers with DBA & INS enhance your business value?



    As a market player in the telematics world, are you searching for some good products to broaden your business? Like an alliance with auto insurance to assist them in sorting target quality customers and lower the claim ratio? Or additional service to fleet managers to exactly locate their vehicles even in the tunnel, urban canyon, or underground parking area where GPS signal being interfered. And to provide an accurate and automated record of how far, how long, and how good a driver drives.

    Aiming to solve these problems and cover the market vacancy, two of Concox devices---- JM-VG01U & JM-VG02U was designed. With the features of driver behavior analysis (DBA) and inertial navigation system (INS), they can detect and report 8 types of typical improper driving behaviors, correct location in the non-GPS signal area, and provide accurate mileage data, thus contribute to the enhancement of business value

    How do DBA & INS enhance your business value?

    Part 1: Driver behavior analysis is developed based on UBI technology and the INS algorithm, and the 8 types of improper driver behaviors are: “harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, sudden lane change, skidding, collision, roll and pitch, rollover”. 

    It can solve these problems:

    a) For auto insurance providers, a promotion to get more users and an idea to increase profit are what they demand. What if they take observation and periodic assessment of their driving habits, then offer a discount to careful customers and properly increase the insurance fee of reckless customers? Then the user's quantity could increase because of the introduction of the users who appreciate this discount policy, and the compensation to reckless drivers is relatively reduced.

    b) For companies of official vehicles, public transportations, and school buses, the drivers are responsible for the safety of passengers associated with reputation. Appropriate rewards and punishments based on their driving performance would incentivize or compel them to pay attention to their work. And once the accident happened, managers can easily find out the cause, and then take proper measures to control the course.


    Part 2: INS allows you to get an accurate position in the non-GPS area because of its gyroscope and acceleration sensors, and the inbuilt algorithm supports the high-accuracy computation of mileage (Error less than 2%).

    So, with the INS algorithm, once your vehicles enter non-GPS areas, real-time constant location data will be still reported, as usual, the historical route will be displayed on the platform coherently, and the mileage data will be recorded as well. In this way, your discomfort with location spots jumping and worries in valuables delivery can be dispelled.


    Except for DBA and INS, JM-VG01U & JM-VG02U vehicle trackers have also these common features:

            Real-time tracking                                             Vibration alert

            Tow/theft alert                                                    Geo-Fence

            Power-cut alert                                                  Over-speed alert


    The difference is JM-VG02U doesn't support accessory, instead, JM VG01U can be connected with relay and emergency SOS button as per your requirements. For installation, JM-VG01U requires you to simply install it on battery and adhere to adhesive tape, but to install VG02U, just plug it into the OBD interface.

    To ensure the complete utilization of these two devices, Concox integrated the DBA feature and INS algorithm with our backend Tracksolid which provides tracking data and alert analysis directly. What’s more, for data companies or insurance companies, Tracksolid provides sufficient raw data and opens its API for easy integration, which helps those companies to create their business intelligence module based on local policies and driving score management.

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