• Highlights of the Concox NB-IoT technology solution


    Highlight 1: Jimmy Group uses NB-IoT 2G technology to ensure a good customer experience

    Pain analysis: Existing IoT technologies are no longer sufficient for large-scale terminal applications. The existing network coverage is insufficient, and there is no signal in the underground garage and tunnel. The outdoor base station cannot be completely covered.

    NB-Internet of Things technology has the advantages of wide coverage, large connection and low power consumption, and low cost. To meet the fast-track needs of NB-IoT and ensure a good customer experience, Conclave uses NB-IoT 2G to address the fact that the current NB-IoT network is not fully covered, while ensuring a good customer experience.


    Highlight 2: Jimmy Group's IoT electric motorcycle solution uses multiple positioning for more precise position

    Pain analysis: Electric bicycles have a high rate of theft due to their ease of stealing and ease of sale. The electric car itself has no positioning function, and some positioning products cannot be located in places where satellite signals such as tunnels and underground garages are weak.

    Simultaneously receiving Beidou, GPS satellite signals and LBS, Wi-Fi signals and the use of NB-IoT technology, not only have faster search and positioning speed, even in underground garages, underground tunnels and other weak satellite signals, can be faster , more accurately lock the position.



    Highlight 3: Remote authorization, mobile APP controls the vehicle at any time

    Pain analysis: When you forget to lose your electric car key, or if your friends and family need to use a car, temporarily move the car, you need to run around. The vehicle was stolen and the vehicle was not disturbed and controlled.

    Users can upload commands to the cloud platform via the mobile app, and can remotely set/disarm the electric self-propelled vehicle, easily authorizing remote motor vehicles, remote start-ups, and other actions to achieve driving without keys. In the event of theft, it is also possible to remotely control the flameout and lock the wheel with a button.


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