• Hacker,the Dangerous Poacher

    GPS necklace provides the position of wild animals and the information of their migration way, but the data from GPS necklace is also important to poachers. When the poachers discover the specified necklace, they can find out the animals within 10 feet accurately anytime. So if the poachers try this way, then it will be an easy thing to track down the wild animals.

    It is not the only reason that poachers are fond of GPS necklace data. It is well known that the GPS necklaces on the wild animals are extremely expensive. The devices are usually used on the rarest animals such as rhinoceros, tigers, snow leopards and elephants. So the device itself can also be sold in the black market for a high price.

    Crawford Allan, the principal of the wild animal crime technology project in WWF, is ready to fight against the coming wave of high technology poaching with environmentalists all over the world.
    Crawford says, it is like an armament competition, fighting with each other, but the poachers always try to be in the lead of us.



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