• GT06N’s Alarm System

    The multifunctional GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06N is the best-seller among Concox’s products, designed for your safety and security. More than looks different, GT06N has many special functions appealing to customers, in particular, the alarm system. The alarm system includes vibration alarm, geo-fence alarm, over speed alarm, and cutting power/petrol off alarm and low battery alarm.
    As to the vibration alarm, when ACC is off the terminal alarms. Meanwhile, when ACC is on within 180s, the alarm will be cancelled. When ACC is off in more than 180s, it will send alarm message and make three calls to SOS number. 
    As to the geo-fence alarm, when your vehicle is in or out of the geo-fence you set before, alarm will be on. 
    As to the over speed alarm, in this situation the speed refers to the average speed. 
    As to the cutting power/petrol off alarm, when your vehicle is stolen and getting slow down, we will receive alarm signal from GPS vehicle trackers.
    As to the low battery alarm, when the battery is not enough to start your engine, it will send alarm message to your number.
    All these alarm functions are crucial in its alarm system. Keeping track of your vehicle and your beloved ones and keeping all these in mind are significant in your daily life. 


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