• Anti-Theft Protection of Vehicle by GSM & GPS with security system


    We all want to know the location of our favorite person while he/she travelling in vehicle and the safety of them, right. What can we use to track the position of the person, an automobile, and a pet? Definitely, the China GPS System will help to do this effectively.

    Passwords are the weakest component of many important security systems, so there is an interrelated push from various directions towards passwords with less friable security measures. While pushing it has some effects, particularly in situation that require more security, it has failed to replace passwords. The vast mainstream of computer user’s still use passwords on a routine basis. Since the haven of password relies mostly on user behavior, studies that empirically scrutinize patterns of passwords creation and use the remaining important in the assessment of various security policies. The main emphasis while developing this car anti-theft system was to assimilate the above features equally. The most significant feature is the vehicle security from theft and it has been guaranteed by providing certain layers of anti-theft protection.

    The main aim of this project is to prevent the vehicle from probable theft. To achieve this we are incorporating security by including biometrics, i.e a fingerprint. In the beginning the owner of the vehicle must store his/her own fingerprint in the finger print module. The GSM modem is used to send and receive messages to and from the owner. The owner’s mobile number has to be set fixed during the coding. To start the ignition of the fourwheeler one should enter the authorized fingerprint. If anyone enters an unregistered fingerprint, the owner will immediately receive a message and the local alarm system will be turned on. For theft prevention, we can also trace the four-wheeler by giving a call to the GSM modem which is embedded on the system. Then real time tracking begins and the GPS location of the vehicle is sent to the owner by SMS. The ignition of the vehicle can also be controller through notifications to the system. In this proposed project we are using China GPS module to find the current latitude and longitude of the present location, the GPS module is UART (Universal Asynchronus Reciever/Transmitter) with a baud rate of 9600 bps. We are using two serial ports. One, for the GSM modem and another one for the GPS modem. The coding is written in embedded c language and Arduino IDE was used to program it. It is a fitted device on the automobile. The whole monitoring of entire device is done by the mobile phone which delivers wireless connection amongst the vehicle tracking system device and the customer. The vehicle tracking device also has a dedicated sim card slot in which a GSM SIM card is inserted in to receive and send SMS. The user can send an SMS through his mobile phone, know the location of its vehicle and also the facility to safeguard the vehicle. So for the understanding of the whole operation of this vehicle tracking system is distributed in two parts: 1. Tracking the position of vehicle. 2. To provide security to vehicle. The vehicle tracking system consists of a GPS receiver which provides real time position of the automobile. This real time data is deposited in MMC(Main Memory Module) after a set time of intermission by the MCU(Main Control Unit). GSM module is undoubtedly associated with the MCU which is then used to propel and receive the SMS. GSM module takes the information from the MMC and sends this information to the registered user’s mobile cell phone. This data consists of longitude, latitude, altitude, the speed over ground, and the course over ground, the real time and date. By using Google maps we can then locate the exact location of vehicle. The vehicle tracking system also has another singular feature which tells not only the whereabouts of vehicle but also securing the automobile. To know the location of the automobile, it is necessary to stop the automobile as soon as possible. For repossessing the automobile, we are using to convey the message in such a way they are allied to the buzzer and other is associated to the power supply of the engine of automobile. User can simply deactivate the engine of automobile by sending a message from his cellphone and we can get the automobile back very soon.


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