• Difference to the past expensive and complicated GPS tracking systems of the past.


    For businesses with large vehicle fleets on the roads, being able to locate their vehicles and drivers is the best way to improve the efficiency of their business.

    For such businesses, it’s crucial to have detailed information about the whereabouts of their vehicles, departure and arrival times, and fuel consumption. GPS provides business managers not only all the necessary information to run their fleet, but it also helps improve the safety of their drivers and security of their vehicles, as well.Nobody wants to pay hundreds for tracking their vehicle. And certainly nobody wants to use  complicated software just to locate their vehicle on the map. There are several reasons why you might want to track your car; making sure you can find it in the car park, managing your fuel use and most importantly making sure your car is not stolen.

    GPS systems used to be complicated, and it required some level of technical background to be able to use a GPS tracking software effectively. Thanks to the latest innovations and smartphone apps, it’s now easier to track your car more than ever.

    Imagine being able to locate your vehicle on the map in real-time in just a few seconds using your smartphone. This may sound like out of a James Bond movie, but not only this technology is accessible, it’s also affordable. All you need is a solid GPS tracker coupled with an easy to use a smartphone app.


    Concox GPS vehicle trackers can help you locate and track your vehicles including cars, trucks etc. The trackers have many functions such as SOS alarm, real-time tracking, and voice monitoring, two-way communication and durability. You can move your tracker from car to car. Or you can track your vehicle even if it’s being stolen. For example TR06 Vehicle GPS Tracker for Remote Engine off Reature and GPS Software.

    Mediatek Intelligence Chipset

    The TR06 adopt high-performance processing chipest-MTK6261D.While reducing the power consumption by a large margin, the accuracy of positioning is greatly increased.

    GPS+LBS Double Positioning

    The TR06 support both GPS and LBS positioning,GPS is for outdoor positioning.LBS is for indoor positioning.The GPS position accuracy is less than 10m,and the LBS position accuracy is less than 500m.

    Check Location

    When APP/Tracking platform are not available,please use mobile phonewith SOS number to send SMS command “WHERE#”to the device.

    Device will reply the google map link of the current location.

    SOS Emergency calling

    In emergency case,press SOS button for 3 seconds to activate SOS alarm.Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset specific numbers and then dial the numbers in circles until call answers.At the meantime,the device will upload SOS alarm date to the serve.

    Chargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

    When the electricity supply of the GT06N is cut off,it will activate cut-off alarm.The built-in lithium battery equipment continue to work.The TR06 will send related SMS to the SOS numbers.Let the thief nowhere to run.

    Voice Monitoring

    When the special number calls the device and keep ringing for 10s,the device will enter voice monitoring status,we can monitor the sound around the device.Incoming call from non special number will not activate vocie monitoring function.

    Oil Cut-off

    When the phone receives an abnormal alarm,We can send oil cut-off command on a platform.To make sure the security of vehicle,tracker can only indicate to cut off oil whenGPS is in valid position status,and the speed is less than 20km/h.

    ACC detection for ignition status

    Supports engine running/stop signed detection,be ware of the ignition status.Real-time view the vehicle,Let you peace of mind to go out and stay with your love car anytime anywhere.

    Vibration Alarm

    The vibration alarm function is off by default.To activate this fuction,please send the following command:SENALM,ON#.When the device vibrates sereval times,the vibration alarm will be triggered.The alarm will be sent to both the service platform and SOS numbers.

    Over Speed Alarm

    When the car is moving over a limited speed in average in a limited time period,the device will send over speed alarm SMS to user.In this way,we can pay attention to the use of the car and avoid the unexpected accident.

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