• Why each cars team needs at least one basic GPS tracking system

     GPS tracking is available for everyone, it is often used in phones, navigation or military. This service helps monitor and control the movement of vehicles, so that is often used in transportation. A GPS-monitoring transport system is used for organization and control schemes of logistic routes, track mileage, actual transportation and fuel costs.For a variety of reasons, GPS tracking has become ubiquitous for fleets worldwide. While many fleets check their tracking systems constantly in order to streamline operations and improve productivity, many others just use it occasionally in order to protect themselves from theft and liabilities.

    For owners of fleet it is an indispensable tool which, through the tracker on the vehicle, helps to cut costs and avoid fraud on the part of drivers and to obtain online data on the location of cargo/goods. Here are 5 reasons why every fleet needs at least a basic GPS tracking system:

     Theft Recovery: According to the FBI, the losses from motor vehicle theft total over $4 billion in the US alone. In fact, the longer it takes to report a theft, the higher the likelihood that the vehicle and equipment will never be recovered. Our GPS fleet tracking system can help you recover a stolen vehicle within minutes.

    Driver Safety: The fact that drivers are aware that there driving activity is recorded will force them to be more contentious of their driving habits. Without a form of accountability, they will be more likely to speed and drive aggressively. In fact, an aggressive driver is 66% more likely to cause an accident. In one case, a speeding fleet driver without GPS caused an accident that resulted in a lawsuit that forced the fleet operator to pay $4.68 million in damages. Our GPS tracking system will help ensure that drivers will drive safer because they know that you can hold them accountable for their actions.

     Employee Litigation: We often encounter instances where an employee may bring legal action against an employer for issues such as unpaid overtime or unpaid wages. In many cases, these fleet operators have to retrieve GPS tracking records from prior years in order to present a strong defense in court. Often, this data is the only defense that the fleet operators have in order to absolve themselves of any wrong doing. Our GPS tracking system stores details of all of your driver’s activity, which can be retrieved in order to help you should you find yourself in any legal issues.

     Claims from the Public: We have encountered many situations where the data from our GPS tracking system has saved fleets from complaints and litigation brought by the general public. This includes a case where a pedestrian sued a fleet operator claiming that their driver was involved in a hit and run accident. Upon reviewing the GPS data, it was found that the vehicle was nowhere near the location of the incident at the time. In another case, a motorist brought a complaint to the fleet operator claiming that their dump truck did not cover its load and rocks fell off of the truck and broke a windshield on a motorist’s vehicle. In that case, the fleet operator was able to prove that the vehicle was not at that location at the time.

     Insurance Savings: A majority of the commercial fleet insurers offer discounts to fleets that use a GPS tracking system. In fact, insurers will give discounts of up to 18% because tracking systems help in all of the above areas.

    Essentially, all fleets have rolling liabilities operating on the roads at all times. Without any form of accountability or control, you are at a high risk for theft and legal liabilities. It only makes sense to have at least a basic GPS tracking system in place. Concox GPS vehicle trackers can help you locate and track your vehicles including cars, trucks etc. The trackers have many functions such as SOS alarm, real-time tracking, and voice monitoring, two-way communication and durability. You can move your tracker from car to car. Or you can track your vehicle even if it’s being stolen.

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