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    Once you have incorporated the GPS tracking solution into your company, you have to keep it working and utilize it in the right way that makes your employees more efficient and your company more productive. 

    Regular maintenance and updatesOnce implementation is complete, don't think all is over regarding maintenance and updates. Your administrators should look out for any updates, especially for the mobile app and notify employees to install them immediately. Also, all computers used for monitoring should be regularly checked for viruses and malware. As you know, collected data is highly sensitive and private, and you don't want it to be stolen, deleted or locked. Regular antivirus scans should be enough to prevent data being compromised.

    Monthly reportsMost employee GPS platforms offer some kind of automatic monthly reports. They can give you precious info on many different subjects. For instance, you can see how many miles your employees traveled in total, on a daily basis or per shift and more.Reports can also show the average number of work hours (if the platform supports clocking in and off, and most do), and in some cases, even the number of successful projects, time spent on them, average workload per employee, and much more. These reports contain precious data that can be used to make your company more efficient, improve the work environment and make your employees more productive. Using the platform to create a more efficient company and a more productive workforceBy using info from collected data, you and your HR managers can devise many different ways to improve efficiency at your company. For instance, employees could benefit from shorter work hours one or two days per week, or maybe you can see that they don't use certain breaks or they take too much time for lunch; insights like these could lead to creating a new break schedule.GPS data can show you routes taken by your employees, their total mileage and more. Use these data points to create better, shorter, more efficient routes to your work sites. Or create a map of roads used for deliveries, or something completely different.

    Install the platform only on business devicesWe mentioned this already, but it's worth stating again: Any employee GPS tracking platform should be installed only on business devices. Forcing employees to install the GPS tracking mobile app on a private device is an invasion of one's personal privacy and shouldn't be considered. 

    Respect employee privacyYour administrators should respect the privacy of all employees. No GPS tracking data should be saved in a way that reveals the habits of specific employees, like whole routes taken or their complete movement history. You can use GPS data for increasing efficiency or for keeping track of completed tasks, but do not keep an employee's location history on servers.You should not track employees during their off hours. If the platform you've chosen offers automatic shutdown of tracking during breaks and off hours, use it. And make sure that administrators don't keep screenshots or any other type of info capable of revealing sensitive data about employees.Allow employees to see collected data so they know what is monitored and why. This should be mandatory for all companies using employee GPS tracking software. Allow workers to know what data is being collected and why. Employees should have access to their GPS tracking data, as well as any files they shared (if the platform supports project management integration and file sharing), their daily check-ins and work hours, and every other piece of data collected by tracking software. 

    Make GPS tracking transparentNotify employees via messages or another means when they are tracked. Employee GPS tracking should be transparent and should be visible to both employees and administrators. Create alerts informing workers if they are being tracked during off hours so that they can turn GPS tracking off if they've forgotten to. And make sure that every employee can see their location and route history ( if they wish to check it out.

    Educate your workforce about benefits of employee GPS trackingBy educating your workforce about the benefits of employee GPS tracking, they will know how and why their location is being tracked. Make sure that HR managers provide answers to any employee's inquiry, and always be ready for an open discussion on all areas of GPS tracking practices so your employees can understand the many advantages to implementing an employee GPS tracking system. 

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