• GPS Tracking Devices for Kids in Turkey

    We are trying to find our clients in Turkey to sell our GPS trackers especially those for kids. Before we contact our clients, we should have a good knowledge of Turkey safety issues and children’s needs. As we all know, safety ranks top in the list of issues in Turkey because it is in turmoil at most of the time. Besides, the public security is bad so that children are in need at most of the time, in particular, when they are out of their parents’ sight. 
    Concox GPS tracking devices for kids GK301 and GK306 are designed for Turkey kids and parents not only because they are portable and light but also because they are easy-to-use. Even if children from 3 to 6 can perform it and parents can track them easily even if when they are in danger. I have seen a movie telling a story that a mother losing her baby who is only 3 and then she succeed in finding her by using a GPS tracking phone and rescuing her from the kidnapper. 
    That’s a pity that we haven’t paid much attention to Turkey market before. Recently we have opened the Turkey market and much more business relationships we will build and much more negotiations we will achieve. 
    We love Turkey and we hope that our products can give Turkey parents peace of mind and children safety and security. We are looking forward to our long-term business trip. Thank you for your time. 
    (By Jennifer)

    concox gk301


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