• GPS tracking device with driver behavior analysis


    Fleet GPS tracking solutions are an excellent investment to protect your drivers and business. Simply knowing that a fleet vehicle is GPS-equipped is often enough to curb aggressive driving behaviors.

    Concox VG01U, pioneering INS(Inertial navigation system) into a compact GPS tracking device, enabled faster access to location and position availability in weak GPS signal areas, e.g. underpass, downtown, tunnel. Its embedded algorithm allows managers or insurance providers to capture detailed driver behaviors. has collected over millions of data points from our customers, and analysis of that data shows customers typically seeing a 50-99% reduction in aggressive driving events after implementing our solution.


    If knowing they can be tracked isn’t enough to encourage better driving behaviors, Concox GPS has an extensive suite of features designed for driver monitoring.

    Concox VG01U Compatible With Most Car. With the built-in switching power supply, the VG01U vehicle GPS tracker supports the super-wide voltage input range: 9-36VDC.

    Our new vehicle GPS tracker VG01U adopts high-performance chipset-MTK2503D. While reducing the power consumption by a large margin, the accuracy of positioning is greatly increased. Let you enjoy a more accurate life. and our VG01U supports both GPS and INS positioning. When the vehicle is in the tunnel or the underground parking lot, the tracks and waypoints are calculated by an algorithm. 

    Our VG01U have some professional alert to analysis driver behavior. Harsh acceleration alert, Harsh brake alert, Sharp turn alert, Harsh lane change alert, Crash alert, Rolling alert, Vehicle drift alert, Vehicle angle abnormality. When our VG01U vehicles GPS tracker vibrates several times, the vibration alarm will be triggered. If no ignition after 3 minutes (ACC OFF), the device will send a vibration alarm message immediately.


    No matter the size of your business or fleet, fleet management is a demanding job. Micromanagement, although effective in some other industries, is not ideal for fleet management. The freedom to operate within a set of reasonable boundaries empowers employees so that they can perform optimally and increase their value to your business.

    Monitoring your drivers doesn’t need to be a punishment. With Concox GPS, you can increase safety, optimize your business, show your employees how valuable they truly are, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

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