• GPS trackers manufacturers in China face 3G challenge

    3G GPS Tracker are definitely better options for today’s businesses, especially in countries where there is a foreseeable time frame as to when the local 2G network will become obsolete. The global process of 2G networks shutdown has been already started. By the end of 2016 mobile operators from Australia, the USA and Canada are going to turn off their 2nd generation base stations. More countries will follow their example in 2017 and 2018. It saves significant labor and logistics expenses in the long run since deploying 3G devices now means less 2G devices to replace when the time comes. Installing 3G devices now also means both GPS telematics services will not be interrupted in the future when 2G network becomes unavailable, and revenue-generating corporate assets will not need to be called back off the road for putting in a new tracking device.
    3G mobile networks are quite threadbare. Everybody uses it in smartphones while killing time in a bus or at traffic jams. Even 4G is not novel for people who are engaged themselves with this “nowadays bane”. However, most GPS Manufacturers In China are still using 2G like technical progress had never happened to them. This arrearage has a simple explanation. First of all, GPS devices with all their modernity didn’t work much with bulk digital data. Most trackers used only for positioning and transmitting some simple information like battery status. Look at mobile tracking apps at least.
    However, a request for comprehensive data transmitting becomes a trend of the last years. The market leaders offer two-sided mutual voice communication and, that is more important, transport video control options. 3G (and even 4G) networks are necessary for its reliable work. The growing demand on the newest fleet management in IoT features force manufacturers to make their devices ready for that challenge.
    The second reason is that many countries have plans to scale down 2G networks because it takes a lot of resources to support them only for a few niches of telecommunication like GPS tracking or car alarms. That’s why these devices should follow the progress.
    We sorted out Two Concox 3G GPS trackers that already have become popular.
    1. GT06E 3G GPS Tracker Multifunctional Tracking Device
    GPS Vehicle Tracking Device
    GT06E gets you a step ahead with 3G capabilities and better tracking, ideal for fleet tracking and management.Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the GT06E features not only traditional tracking functions as tele-cutoff petrol, geo-fence, SOS alarm, overspeed alert, but optional digital outputs for door detection, vehicle pinpoint by audio-visual alert, external power voltage etc.
    3G Vehicle GPS Tracker
    With finest craftsmanship, GV20 is a fully-featured, highly competitive and cost effective 3G GPS tracker developed for vehicle, motor and bus tracking. It offers you crystal clear real-time tracking details, including location, route, flashback, etc., even in tough environment. It supports remote fuel/power cutoff and gives you insight on ignition status. Wherever you go, its instant alert notifications allow you to react accordingly and immediately.
    The pittance of 3G GPS trackers is a matter of time. Exacting customers want the newest features for their business and assets and they wait for the next steps from hardware manufacturers. “Improvements in technology can only aim to make the workplace run even smoother. If your fleet is still functioning with 2G connectivity, you won’t be getting the accurate data. You must switch to 3G GPS tracker,” reported Concox representative.
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