• GPS Trackers Installed in Official Vehicles

    “Where did the cars stop? Where are they going? It is totally obvious through this screen.” Up to now, People’s Court of Linyi installed GPS to all official vehicles and police cars, realizing the real-time movement management of all the official business cars.

    The principal of the vehicle dispatching management from Linyi People’s Court introduced that, after installing GPS, the vehicle management staffs can make real-time tracking on the computer, also can use smart phone or tablet PC to track online while installing the APP. At any time, they can monitor the driven route, speed, direction, parking location and the parking time.
    When the car is over-speeding, the platform will alarm automatically. It is useful to avoid the accidents.

    There also installed the display screen in the office to enlarge the usage monitoring for official cars. Which car is on the road, which car is in the department, all polices can see the status of the cars anytime, easy for arrangement.

    This is to carry out the stipulation, enhancing the management, completely eradicate the official cars use in private, parking disorderly and over speed.



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