• GPS Trackers Become the nemesis of Thief

    In order to solving the problems that motorcycles and electrical motorcycles were stolen, police in Yingtan, Jiangxi Province dealt with the troubles by using GPS trackers. According to Yingtan city public security bureau, GPS tracker is as small as baby’s hand, which can be installed in everywhere of electrical motorcycles. The GPS tracker will be sending text messages to owner once the motorcycle was activate or vibrate without ignition, and also provide the current locate and the rout via smart phone. Subsidized by the government and the operator, owners needn’t to pay for the device, but only 5RMB as monthly fee. 
    From the beginning of the year to now, over 4,000 electric vehicles have been installed with the an-ti theft systems. All the electric vehicles with GPS tracker which were stolen have been save back. 
    The criminal of electric vehicles has reduced by 40%.

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