• GPS tracker -- solving financial risk control problems

    In the field of Internet finance, automobile assets have gradually become one of the mainstream assets, and automobile financial products have become more and more common. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2015, there were 891 P2P platforms involved in car loan business. To ensure the safety of their financial assets and customers' financial assets, GPS has become a necessity for car loan enterprises.


    Car mounted GPS financial risk control is just installing the locator? GPS risk control alert refers to the installation of intelligent on-board hardware devices (such as GPS) in the vehicles of the borrowing customers. With the help of the monitoring and comprehensive analysis of the five-star risk control platform, we can help auto financial enterprises to implement a series of asset preservation schemes, such as risk control and asset recovery before, during and after loan. GPS locators in the car loan industry are regarded as risk control tools, not free after installation, but the user's familiarity with the platform operation and risk judgment. Only the powerful big data analysis capability of GPS monitoring platform and the early-warning function of hardware equipment, combined with the ability of the guard of risk control personnel, can build the joint defense system of risk control after loan in the auto loan industry.

    After entering the era of big data, the GPS risk control platform with strong data analysis ability became the hot spot for car loan companies. The platform data can be displayed on the computer side, mobile side and even WeChat side. The field staff can hold the mobile phone and chase the car according to the navigation directions. More and more attention has been paid to the platform early warning function. This function combines vehicle stop and track point to carry out big data analysis, so as to judge the status of the borrower and whether there is potential loan risk. The GPS monitoring platform system of SaaS level enterprise service is a risk control tool for large and medium-sized car loan companies. To distinguish the authority of organizational relationship management, to facilitate the management of the superior to the subordinate, and the supervision of the headquarters to the branch, greatly improve the efficiency of risk control.

    More and more banks, car finance companies and rental companies are now carrying advanced on-board GPS positioning systems. In addition to the regular backtracking of GPS positioning information, remote power outage extinguishing, illegal damage to GPS warning functions it also add big data information such as electronic fence, mortgage car risk area active warning and other functions. It can effectively prevent car owners from deceiving loans or evading debts. Through the network service platform, the car GPS locator can monitor the vehicle information in real time, query the vehicle trajectory, and prevent the car from being sold after the car is modified by the loan fraudsters.

    So how does GPS operate in the process of car loan?

    1. After the credit manager agrees to make the loan, they will contact the GPS manufacturer and fix a time to install GPS for the mortgaged vehicle.
    2. Company is responsible for daily GPS data monitoring, and report to the risk control manager if GPS alarm information or any abnormal situation is found. The GPS commissioner's phone must be turned on 24 hours and the monitoring software must be turned on to receive possible alarm information.
    3. Company is responsible for checking the GPS installation of mortgage vehicle. Ensure the mortgaged vehicle has correctly installed GPS monitoring equipment as required by the company and whether the installed GPS equipment is working normally and the positioning information is accurate.
    4. Cooperate with collection personnel to provide GPS location tracking information for the whole collection process.

    Concox's GPS production (such as ET25  and so on) can help you solving financial risk control problems.

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