• GPS Tracker Keeps Citizen Safe

    Reported by Dongguan Daily, policemen in the developed industrial country, Da Sheng County, are all equipped with GPS trackers to make sure the county is under 7*24 security.

    Policemen are cooperating with the local video monitoring center. Once there is an incident, the monitoring center will check the electronic map and call the nearest Policemen to deal with that. With well cooperation, usually the Policemen can reach any place within 3 minutes, which highly improves the efficiency of patrolmen's work. 

    Da Sheng County, is the most developed county of Machong Town, near Guangzhou City, attracting many famous companies, like Nine Dragons Paper, COSCO Shipyard, Denmark Maersk etc. However, local natives are only 2000, while external population is about 15,000 people. The community is really complicated and its quality is multi-leveled, making its social security lower than other countries.

    Da Sheng County so far, is a sample county for all counties in Dongguan City. It is using advanced management method, like security management, security precautions, serving the people, information collection and other seven major aspects for 109 approvals, management, services. 

    Mr. Liu does rental business for nearly 10 years at Da Sheng County. "The whole village has its police and security team patrolling 24 hours a day. If the crime was discovered in the village, then the criminal w certainly can’t run away." Liu told reporters that since the end of June in 2013, theft did not happen in the rental apartment he ran. 


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