• Internet of Things application industry continues to increase / GPS tracker empowers asset management

    With the rapid development of IoT technologies such as perception, communication, and platforms, traditional asset management models are gradually being replaced by intelligent asset management methods. In IoT applications, one of the most promising application scenarios is asset location tracking. Relevant experts predict that by 2022, the market size of GPS asset tracking devices and tracking IoT devices will triple. It is estimated that by 2027, there will be 267 million active asset locators used in agriculture, supply chain, construction, mining, and other markets.

    The old method of asset management is to use handwritten lists or Excel spreadsheets to track asset information. These manual methods are undoubtedly a heavy burden for asset managers who are responsible for keeping the latest asset records and answering questions about the whereabouts of assets.

    The monitoring system of the Internet of Things uses GPS tracker and related management platforms to automatically locate asset location information, rather than manual tracking. The GPS tracker transmits its tracker information, and the platform displays the information for users to view.
    Depending on the type of business, different types of equipment, such as IT equipment, tools, vehicles, etc., are also used for the location and tracking of physical assets. The use of IoT asset management application solutions can provide enterprises with real-time early warning, predictive analysis, automatic evaluation, data insight, and other functions.

    The following are some scenarios that can be based on IoT applications in asset management:
    Location location: automatic tracker information, tracking, and geo-electronic fence solutions.
    Use time: Automatically locate, record the time of key events and alarm prompts when the threshold is reached.
    Warehouse inventory: automated warehouse inventory management. 

    Concox Asset tracking solutions are designed to help minimize your operating costs and maximize asset performance. Our IoT asset tracking software is scalable, secure, and reliable, allowing you to track and manage equipment in a unified system. Supported by real-time monitoring, you can get access to your asset's location on a computer, tablet, or phone, allowing you to optimize your dispatch operations. With geofence alerts, you can see when your assets enter or leave designated areas, allowing for better control and protection of those assets. Leveraging intuitive charts and reports, you can more easily utilize assets and streamline workflow, adding even more efficiency to your fleet. 

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