• GPS monitoring system solution for heavy-duty mining vehicles


    For a long time, in the daily operations of various mines around the world, the transport dump trucks used by the mines are large in size and difficult to supervise. The person in charge of the mine management or supervision unit can use the global GPS tracker navigation system to effectively and accurately control the information and control of mining vehicles. Efficiency, while optimizing the workflow and fleet control costs through the operation data collected by the global GPS tracker navigation system.



    Therefore, the mining vehicle monitoring system has always been an important part of the digital transformation of the mining industry. Whether it is iron or copper mines, as long as it is an open-pit mine, GPS communication signals can be covered. The mining vehicle monitoring system is designed to help mines improve vehicle transportation efficiency, enhance vehicle safety, and improve the availability of various mechanical equipment. This system can be used regardless of the equipment manufacturer. The system usually consists of four parts: GPS tracker monitoring host, external sensors, Internet of Things traffic card, vehicle monitoring platform.

    Through the API standard interface of the mining vehicle monitoring system, Concox's GPS tracker terminal data can be docked with the customer's mine business system, and the positioning data can be used to evaluate the operation of the vehicle, which can help customers connect data and decision-making to the entire mining value In the chain, from the mining link to the factory processing, or from a single vehicle to the entire fleet, data and decision-making are connected to improve and accelerate operations.

    The mining vehicle tracker combines the mine cart speed, location data, and sensor data processing, and transmits it to the server background through the Internet of Things communication. At the same time, it will promptly alarm the mine cart speeding and fatigued driving violations. The mine management personnel will According to the alarm situation, relevant personnel was notified to attend and deal with the situation in time, realizing all-weather supervision. The statistical report form of the mining vehicle monitoring system is a very good functional module, which can configure and dispatch vehicles according to the unique needs and capabilities of the open-pit mine.

    Concox mining vehicle tracker is designed for defending your assets. With a mining asset GPS tracker, you can keep eye on your asset and enhance security anytime anywhere. It provides real-time monitoring and can send out instant alarms in urgent cases. With an internal battery, you can pick the most suitable powered tracking devices with different capacities for various areas, no matter in the construction site, logistics, or fleet management scenarios, etc. Asset GPS tracking device is wireless, so you are able to realize easy installation.

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