• GPS Kids Phone --- How School Districts Can Benefit from it


    It's not new in a country where people take advantage of GPS-enabled cell phones to keep tabs of their loved ones' whereabouts. Personal GPS Tracking Device have been known to not work very well indoors and generally give the pinpoint accuracy of a few yards--not good enough to indicate definite physical contact. Thanks to modern technology, cell phones can now be tracked by a GPS chip. Today, GPS tracking and reporting technology is integrated into every device from smartphones to sneakers and watches. As this emerging technology goes mainstream, parents are starting to rely on GPS to ensure the safety and security of their children on their way to school.

    How Will It Benefit Schools?

    The heightened concern nationwide about security in the wake of campus shootings and other high-profile incidents, combined with the technical abilities of smart phones, is driving the creation and demand for the safety apps. Campus police are praising some of the apps for creating a new trove of incident alerts and detailed tips, complete with GPS coordinates, detailed physical descriptions, and photos of potential lawbreakers or license plates.It makes perfect sense to have GPS tracking technology installed in school buses to aid in the safety of children and drivers. Parents can receive text messages when their children are approaching the bus stop or when the school bus reaches a certain distance. Parents can also be notified when a child has reached the bus stop and is ready to be picked up.

    School districts and authorities can benefit from school buses equipped with GPS tracking devices in several ways. With GPS tracking, they can reduce fuel costs, review time punches and ensure the safety of students. A GPS equipped school bus has the ability to map out the most efficient route for the bus driver, avoiding wrong turns or high traffic areas. This results in significant fuel savings since the bus driver would be traveling the shortest route possible. It also means immediate ROI since school districts can save money on paying bus drivers because travel time is greatly reduced.

    GPS Tracker System

     can help protect children from being abducted. Since cases of missing children are on the rise, utilizing tracking technology to help keep children safe is a benefit to both school officials and parents. A good GPS tracking device can confirm whether a child was on an assigned bus and if they got off the bus. Knowing that a child is on their assigned bus and traveling to the right location provides assurance to parents and can help law enforcement authorities in the event that the child was not where they were supposed to be.


    Here are some of the most popular GPS Kids Phone on the market now

    GK309E 2nd Generation GPS Students Phone

    The next generation GPS Kids Phone GK309E has tons of newly-added features tailored to kids. For one, WIFI positioning provides you with the ability to locate your children at any time. The unique “Listen in” mode allows you to hear what’s happening around them. Additionally, the device is waterproof, dust proof and has a battery that can hold a charge for up to a week. It is stylish, durable and useful.

    GPS+WIFI+LBS positioning

    Latest WIFI positioning enables the kids to be pinpointed accurately indoor.

    IP65 dust and water proof

    It can be used in some extreme weather conditions (snow or rain) and dusty environments.

     Ultra-long standby time

    It boasts a battery life of up to 6 days before you have to recharge.

    SOS & Speed dial

    If the child is in trouble, he/she can hold down a SOS button and it’ll call the primary contact for help and shoot you information about your child’s location.


    Set up designated areas your child is allowed to be in and get alerts if they travel away from those zones.

    Voice monitor

    You can listen in to your child’s device to hear what’s happening around them.

    SOS & Speed dial

    If the child is in trouble, he/she can hold down a SOS button and it’ll call the primary contact for help and shoot you information about your child’s location.

    GT300 High Accuracy Personal Portable GPS Tracker


    GT300 Portable GPS Tracker is a powerful GSM/GPS safety phone designed mainly for children/elderly/luggage/pets. Its built-in GPS receiver has superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix. Quad band GPRS/GSM subsystem of this GPS tracking equipment supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. System integration is straightforward as complete documentation is provided for the full featured function. It supports a wide variety of reports including emergency, geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery and SOS alarm.

    1. Two-way Communication

    Tracking is no longer passive. The tracker supports two-way communication with pre-set family numbers and numbers from the white list, which makes it convenient for family numbers to communicate with anyone carrying it.

    2. Geo-fence Alarm

    A geo-fence can be set by SMS command to provide a safety net for your loved ones. When anyone carrying the tracker walks in/out of the fence, SOS numbers will receive alarm.

    3. SOS Alarm

    There will be SOS button for emergency SOS alarm. Anyone carrying the tracker can long press the SOS button to activate SOS alarm. SOS alarm and location will be sent to pre-set SOS numbers.


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