• GPS helped to find stolen iPhone for American girl in LA

    With the “Find My iPhone” app, a 26-year-old yoga tutor found the theft that stole her iPhone and got her phone back.
    In May 5th, after carousing on the Saturday night, Sarah Maguire found her phone missing. So did her roommate’s. She was wondering where she lost it.
    Then she used the “Find My iPhone” APP on her laptop and she found the house where the theft located, only 30miles away from her apartment.
    Maguire went to the house and confronted with the theft. Fortunately and surprisingly, she got her and her roommate’s phones back. “My mom said I must be crazy”, said Maguire.
    The APPs like “Find My iPhone” offers people another choice when it comes to missing items. But it raised concerns of the police officers that it might bring danger to citizens. Criminals can use this APP to bring people to the places they want them to be, which would be dangerous. 

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