• GPS, an essential tool for hiking and outdoor adventure

    When we browse the news, we hear the news from time to time that some people who take a road trip, adventure or go hiking alone lose contact on the way. A woman in Beijing recently lost touch with the outside world while climbing fenghuang moutain. For three years, Ms. Zhu has been hiking around Beijing almost every weekend. Due to Ms. Zhu usually like to use a technique called "six feet" cruising phone APP, its manufacturer also came to the scene and participate in the rescue. But a week had past, rescue teams still found no sign of Ms. Zhu. The six-legged app can navigate satellites without a cellphone signal, but requires the user to stay on the intended route. Once the route is changed, the user needs a cell phone signal to reset the route. But even so, the app will still provide some ancillary routes, though they may not necessarily meet Ms. zhu's needs at the time.


    There have always been a few questions. Most mobile phones support GPS positioning, why do we need special GPS devices? Is there a difference in positioning accuracy? Which is better than the built-in GPS map and Google map/earth? Can mobile power + smart phones replace hand-held GPS when hiking outdoors? When it was raining hard, there was no dry place. The phone's touch screen is covered with water, the operation is basically out of order, and there is nothing dry to wipe it off. It's best to have a handheld GPS, after all, to keep track of where you've been and not get lost easily. And on some of the more off-center routes, it's important to know where you are.

    Expect maps, compasses, tents and other daily necessities, hand-GPS is an absolute necessity. Handheld GPS measurement with high precision GPS technology, the top system configuration to provide comprehensive reference station monitoring center and software application solutions, with higher, faster, stronger performance and can easily meet your use demand. The integrated human engineering design is the most powerful handheld GPS in the industry. It integrates GPRS communication, Bluetooth technology, digital camera, microphone, mass data storage, USB/RS232 port, and fully meets your needs. It provides comprehensive handheld GPS application software, which is compatible with various mainstream GIS platform software, and realizes seamless data docking. At the same time, it customize various specific requirements for your industry application functions to meet your personalized use needs.
    Functions and features of handheld GPS in outdoor use:

    Measuring function: Mobile GIS data collection, field mapping and navigation coordinate point storage, length, area calculation (measure the longitude and latitude, altitude) and all kinds of field measurement data is a key to double coordinate transformation function.

    Map function: Built in the national traffic detail map, with the geographical details of various regions, detailed to villages and towns, can be upgraded and refined for life.

    Custom map: Users can upload all kinds of general vector maps independently according to the requirements.

    Exclusive vehicle-mounted outdoor cross-boundary navigation: New cross-border navigation function, professional navigation voice broadcast, no need to often see the navigation interface, listening the sound to recognize the road. Real person voice alarm, more than 550,000 alarm points, weekly update, make your driving safer and efficient. It equipped with standard car power supply and bracket, fully meet the overall needs of road trip outdoor enthusiasts.

    Waterproof and anti-seismic, excellent field performance: IPX7 grade waterproof performance,1 meter underwater, waterproof within 30 minutes,1 meter natural drop anti-fall design, battery life of more than 15 hours, meet the stringent requirements of field operations. A 3-inch, semi-transparent LCD touch screen is still visible in strong outdoor light.

    Take GPS photos anywhere, anytime:
    With a 3.2 million megapixel camera, 3.2 x zoom, autofocus, allow you to easily record the moment, at the same time automatically save geographic coordinates, just touch navigation, guide you to find the beauty in the photo site immediately.

    Professional navigation engine, easy outdoor experience: Adopt MinSun3.0 professional navigation engine, more accurate and reliable positioning; Professional navigation point marking, accurate height information, built-in three-axis electronic compass, even without GPS signal will not lose direction.

    Bluetooth wireless transmission, convenient data sharing: Built-in Bluetooth enables data transfer between users of the same device, enabling you to share information without using PC interface, making it more convenient for friends to interact. Add photo browsing, calendar, day and month astronomy, calculator and other functions to provide more convenience for your outdoor work.

    These features of hand-held GPS can increase your chances of surviving at emergency. With a hand-held GPS, your or your lover’s journey will be more secure than without it. Let’s choose a good hand-held GPS for yourself and your loved ones.

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