• GPS bus tracker app coming for Steamboat Springs

    Bus riders in Steamboat Springs will soon be able to use their computers and smartphones to track their ride so they aren't left out in the cold.
    Steamboat Springs Transit signed a contract with RouteMatch to install a GPS tracking system in all 21 of the buses in the city's fleet.
    Transit Manager Jonathan Flint said the system will help bus riders and the supervisors who run the regional and local bus lines know what's going on.
    Flint said the technology will be especially useful in a place like Steamboat where it can be tough to stand outside on cold winter days waiting for buses that may be running late.
    "A vast majority of the phone calls we get are from people wondering when the next bus arrives," Flint said.
    If a bus is falling behind, dispatchers won't have to wait until a driver radios in to possibly put a new bus in. If a bus is running too far ahead of schedule, an alarm will go off to alert the driver to slow down, Steamboat Today reported Thursday.
    Flint said RouteMatch, which provides GPS services to other transit systems across the state and the country, was selected because of its track record and because it had an office in Denver.
    The city allocated about $82,000 for the GPS upgrade, with about $65,000 of that funding coming from state grants generated from increased state vehicle registration fees.

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