• GPS Bike Lock is a secure bike-sharing solution developed


    Today, that’s been solved with smartphone-ized tech: GPS, Bluetooth, RFID, and mobile-payment systems. And bike sharing has unlocked a ton of American interest in navigating cities on a bike: Usage has grown from 320,000 rides in 2010 to 28 million in 2016.

    Everywhere I go in San Francisco, I just grab whatever bike I can find and take off. When I’m done, I ditch it... wherever. I snag a new bike next time I need one. While you might picture me as some kind of super-smooth bike thief (that’s certainly how I picture myself), it’s more like I have the master key to hundreds of locked bikes around town.

    This is dockless bike-sharing, which a handful of companies, including Uber, are bringing to U.S. cities. Rather than living in stations around a city, these bikes can be anywhere. You find and unlock a GPS-enabled bike with an app on your smartphone, then lock it and leave when you’re finished.



    Why bike-sharing?Firstly, concerns about global climate change, energy security, and unstable fuel prices have caused many decision makers and policy experts worldwide to closely examine the need for more sustainable transportation strategies. Secondly, people are searching much more convenient way to get around on short trips. 

    It’s no surprise that bike sharing programs, which solve the “last mile” problem, reduce traffic congestion and fuel consumption, have exploded in popularity in recent years. Global capital investment in bike sharing market is soaring dramatically. In China, by the end of Jan 2017, the  bike sharing had raised over 700 million dollars.

    Seamlessly combined with HW and SW, the ALL-IN-ONE bike sharing solution effectuates information interaction among operators, users and bicycles, bringing superior riding experience and visualized operation. 

    For users, find or reserve a bicycle from web browser or mobile APP are available. Bicycles can be unlocked by scanning the QR code, SMS, GPRS and Bluetooth. When riding finished, user can view and share your mapped rides and statistics, including miles traveled, calories burned, cost, etc.

    Concox Smart BL10 GPS Bike Lock is a next-generation, cost-effective and secure bike-sharing solution developed by experienced innovators.

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