• GPS Application in Kunming

    Recently, journalists get information from Kunming Public Transportation Co., Ltd. that this year, the company will invest 6,000,000RMB to make a transportation GPS smart monitoring center, in order to get the real-time tracking monitoring of 4,000 buses. Increasing the transport capability reasonably, improving the net coverage, endeavor to provide safe, easy and convenient service to citizens.

    Miao Xianjun, the president of Kunming Transportation Co., Ltd., introduced that after the construction of transportation GPS smart monitoring center, Kunming buses will be more reasonable for transporting. Taking the advantage of smart dispatching, can easily decrease bunching and gaps. Aiming to the rush hours of on and off duty, GPS monitoring center will dispatch as an emergency at once to ensure the outing of citizens.

    It is said that Kunming Transportation Co., Ltd. still has the old thought. Besides, the company will strictly punish the illegal driving behavior of over speed, running the red light etc. 

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