• Fleet management tracker suitable for official vehicles



    Pain points for official cars

    As the economic development matures, the shortcomings of the traditional business car management model gradually become more prominent.

    1: Supervision: private use of public cars / public use of private cars, false reporting of kilometers; administrators do not understand the location and operation of vehicles, and scheduling is difficult;

    2: Efficiency: Paper-based scheduling Manual operation, low efficiency, high error rate, low vehicle utilization rate; vehicle service information is complicated, no automatic reminder when due, and management efficiency is low;

    3: Transparency: The car user does not understand the use of the vehicle and is prone to objections; the process of using the car cannot be tracked, which affects the subsequent car dispatch;

    4: Rationalization: uneven distribution, easy to cause driver emotions, uneven bicycle benefits;

    Statistical analysis: It is difficult to collect statistics on vehicle data, and it is difficult to retrieve historical data lost;

    5: Safety: The vehicle condition cannot be controlled, dangerous driving behavior cannot be monitored, and there are hidden safety risks.

    Vehicle source

    1: The company's own vehicle;

    2: Leasing vehicles: After the reform of official vehicles, establish long-term cooperation with professional passenger transportation companies;

    3: Private car sharing: use employee's vehicles as public.

    For vehicles from different sources above, Concox JM-VG01U With an inbuilt INS module, as known as inertial navigation system, they can detect and report 8 types of typical improper driving behaviors, and correct location in the non- GNSS signal area. JM-VG01U can help us provide real-time positioning, historical trajectory, mileage fuel consumption, Overspeed fatigue driving alarm, vehicle condition diagnosis, and other data to fully grasp the use of the bus and eliminate bad behaviors such as private use of the bus. The administrator can grasp the vehicle's position and running status in real-time, and comprehensively improve the dispatching efficiency. thus contribute to service improvement and cost-saving for our clients.

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