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    Fleet management software is of importance in the auto industry, which helps save money and time for many companies. However, there are plenty of improvements that can be made to better suit fleet businesses. That’s what Concox will discuss here—ways that fleet management software is making great strides by innovative and stable technology and ideological advancements, allowing for both fleets and businesses to grow in tandem.

    Predictive Maintenance

    With the popular spread of IoT sensors and equipment, predictive maintenance is one of the hottest topics in the IoT industry. Equipped with onboard sensors and Can-Bus,fleet manager can predict when to maintenance by collecting data and then schedule downtime to get maintenance, avoiding the unnecessary stop due to sudden breakdown. What’s more, the life-cycles of both vehicles and technological systems could be extended significantly through strategically scheduled downtime. The cost of maintenance and replacement of equipment would be cut down.

    Advanced driver behavior monitoring solutions

    The trend of driver behavior monitoring and tracking is obvious in recent years, which owes to the proliferation of integrated onboard computers with LTE/4G and GPS, visual analytics software, G-sensors and IP cameras. With the drivers’ behaviors records, such as the rest times, and body signals, such as heart rates, the advanced fleet management software would send out fatigue alert to drivers.

    Fuel Efficiency

    We have talked about this in our previous article. You can check 3 Methods To Save Your Fuel Cost

    Concox, the professional GPS Tracker China Manufacturer, has our own fleet management platform and APP, which meet the basic requirement for most of the fleets. White label is acceptable. We are here 7/24 and are pleased to serve you!


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