• 5 Key Benefits of Fleet Management


    As a fleet manager, effective fleet management not only increase profits and reduce costs, but also increase the motivation of fleet drivers and ensure driver safety in order to provide quality customer service and customer satisfaction.

    Keeping track of fleet drivers' routes and other information will help you make the right decisions and make you an efficient fleet manager.

    So, how can you keep track of the details of your fleet drivers at all times while they are on the job? The answer is to use GPS trackers.

    The use of GPS tracking devices can be extremely beneficial in certain areas.

    1. Maintain your fleet of vehicles

    With GPS fleet tracker, you no longer need to manually locate and maintain your vehicles, you can use the GPS location device to perform the process automatically. You simply enter a maintenance schedule and the device will notify you via SMS or email when your vehicle needs maintenance.

    2. Improve the efficiency of dispatching and management

    Usually, in order to improve the efficiency of the fleet, fleet managers distribute the work equally among fleet drivers. If one driver's workload exceeds the workload of the other drivers, efficiency will be reduced. With GPS for fleet management, you can arrange the driver's work at any time, ensuring that you can distribute work in a balanced manner to the fleet drivers and avoid overwork.

    In addition, when the fleet scheduling is optimized, you can provide better service to more customers. Effective arrangements allow you to do more business, provide customers with better experiences, and give customers more choices.

    3. Efficient route planning

    GPS fleet locators will help you choose the most efficient routes, saving you time and money. When you can plan your routes efficiently, you can eliminate unnecessary fuel costs and reduce unproductive work.

    4. Reduce maintenance costs

    Today, GPS technology has more and more telematics features, such as engine temperature indicators, fuel level indicators and vehicle diagnostics. You can monitor important parts such as engine oil and vehicle health, and automatically alarm when it expires. You don't need to transport the vehicle to a mechanic for regular inspections, which helps you save money.

    5. Reduce Insurance Costs

    If your fleet vehicles are equipped with GPS devices, your insurance company will likely offer you a discount. There are several ways that GPS fleet location devices can help you reduce your insurance costs. These include the following.

    Asset Recovery: Increased possibilities of recovering stolen assets through GPS tracking

    Driver behavior analysis: Safer drivers on the road means fewer accidents and fewer insurance claims. Some insurance companies will check your driving record in order to offer you better insurance premiums.

    GPS tracker will help you save money, increase productivity and improve the safety of fleet drivers. Concox provides professional fleet management solutions, please contact us if needs. (


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