• Five common problems with GPS tracker

    1. After buying the GPS tracker, what else should I prepare, can I use it directly?
    To prepare a mobile phone card, GSM mobile phone card, this card must open the GRPS CMNET Internet access function, open GPRS traffic (note that it is cmnet Internet access). Other caller ID functions, phone functions, ring tones, etc. can be canceled, in order to reduce the monthly rental fee.

    2. Can the GPS tracker be mounted on an electric (motorized) bicycle?
    Yes, but we must pay attention to the wiring method. The electric car is powered by 48V. It can't be directly connected to electricity. Otherwise, it will burn immediately. But it can be installed like this: The electric car is connected in series with 4 groups of 12V batteries. Just connect a set of 12V batteries. The black wire (negative pole) of the power cord of the positioner is connected to the negative power supply of the electric vehicle, then the red line. Connect the positive pole of this group of batteries, before connecting, be sure to confirm the wiring method is correct, confirm that the power supply to the positioner is 12V! Also, pay attention to waterproof.

    3. Send a setup command to the GPS tracker via SMS, why is there no reply message?It may be caused by the following factors: 1) The positioner has no mobile phone signal or power off, dial the mobile phone number of the locator to see if there is a normal call sound; 2) Check if the locator mobile phone card is open. Function; 3), check if the SMS stored on the locator's mobile phone card is too much; 4) The delay of the SMS gateway may be.

    4. Why is the GPS tracker displayed offline on the monitoring platform?Offline is that the locator is disconnected from the monitoring platform. After offline, the location information of the locator cannot be uploaded to the monitoring platform. So what you see on the map of the monitoring platform may not be the actual location of the locator. There are usually several situations that can lead to offline:

    1) The positioner is turned off and powered off. Call locator's mobile number on your mobile phone. This is the case if you are prompted to shut down. Check if there is any problem with the power supply line of the positioner and if there is any power failure. Whether the supply voltage and current are within the specified voltage and current range of the positioner installation. The three indicators on the locator body are not completely off.

    2) The positioner does not have a cell phone signal. This is the case when the mobile phone number of the locator is dialed through the mobile phone if the prompt cannot be connected and is not in the service area. Try to park your car in an environment with good signal conditions. Do not install the positioner too tightly, do not have metal objects, and install it in the car as far as possible. (In areas such as underground garages, tunnels, remote occlusions, etc., where the mobile phone signal is not present, the locator will be taken offline)

    3). The mobile phone card owed by the locator, or the change of the mobile phone card package, the Internet access function is disabled. For details, consult the operator of the mobile phone card, ask if there is any arrears in the mobile phone card, whether there is an Internet access function, whether the Internet access function has taken effect, and whether the package has been changed. If it is a mobile phone card, be sure to open GPRS, the access point must be cmnet.

    5. After the remote power cut, why can the vehicle still be launched?After the remote power is cut off, the positioner must cut off the oil and electricity if the following conditions are met:1) The wiring of the positioner is correct, and the wiring is wired according to the manual. 2) The positioner works normally, in the state of “stationary” or “driving”, and the vehicle speed is below 20 km. If the positioner is offline, not positioned, or the vehicle speed is higher than 20 kilometers, the positioner will not cut off the oil even if the remote power cut is successful.

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