• Find a new way to keep children safe

    School day coming soon, families with newborn is a serious matter, whether it is to get into kindergarten, or going to college, children are beginning a new life. Children have hope, there is anxiety parents. Parents want their children to "good head start" in the path of growth smooth sailing. Thus, parents who take care of students who strive for good backpack full of hope, to bring things kids really only think, did not take anything.
    Newborn nursery backpack filled with "GPS TRACKER"
    Ms. Shaw spent nearly two months to three-year-old son into kindergarten prepared items, just a small bag on the change four times, and finally ask a lot of "come" before selecting a backpack. Prepare the wrap a change of clothes, a small towel, a child holding a small doll to sleep every day ...... even a small family of three frames to show Mom and Dad by his side. The most unexpected is that there is a sandwich bag of children and teachers are not aware of the little things - with "Set Tone" function GPS locator. Ms. Shaw said that this thing is to buy online, and was originally positioned for the car, is the car to where, and with phone cards to call on a cell phone locator strip will know, but you can also hear the sound around you. She wanted to quietly give children with, first, the child afraid of losing, the second is the child on the kindergarten really do not worry, think quietly to hear the child crying no, the teacher is not good for children and good attitude.
    Find a new way to keep children safe
    Psychological expert Liu teacher, new parents are sensitive to many things, anxiety, think through a variety of substances to "control" the new situation unpredictable. Parents can understand the feelings, but too nervous but will affect the children. Students, and even kindergarten children, the school needs to bring anything, parents heard the teacher's demands on it. Some listeners, not to bring recording equipment, it may lead to unnecessary trouble. For new students, the parents have to do is give psychological and ability to prepare, because the new environment is the ability of children to mental and test. If you are going relatively well, it will confident, curious to meet new everything. If the lack of preparation, will be filled with tension, and produce a sense of impotence new environment. This may cause the child to feel fear for a new life. Therefore, parents should understand the child's mental state, there is a lack in what areas need help enhance children's self-confidence, adjust the child's emotional, than how much more useful preparation.
    It is a good way to keep your child safy, but can we change a way, or change a more useful device, like gps bracelet, this will be great, we should focus more on this field.

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