• Staying Alert to Fatigue Driving

    Driver faces a lot of driving environment, external and internal. Unsafe factors easily lead to traffic accidents, such as fatigue driving.

    To cut down the fatigue driving risk, the drivers should make sure to have enough sleeping time and take a good rest after a long time driving. At the same time, drivers can use some tools to reduce the dangers.Telematics and electronic logging devices (ELDs) can help improve road safety. The connected car is more than tracking location.


    Telematics solution is able to provide information for pre-route planning for adapting to different driving environments. Also, Fleet telematics and electronic logging devices (ELDs) can record driving habits, which help fleet manager arrange the corresponding route and training solutions for drivers.

    Another safety benefit from telematics is to keep vehicles in proper conditions. The solution connects to the engine computer help monitor vehicle healthy conditions. It can send out maintenance alerts according to diagnostic codes. Our tracking platform tracksoild is able to send out real-time alerts, which react to the urgent rescue requirements from drivers. Also, the driving data, such as speed, will be stored in the cloud service. This report can reconstruct the details of the accidents, accelerating the claims process.

    Telematics solutions can work with other technologies that solve driving fatigue issue, such as:

    Mode monitoring. Compare driver behaviors with indicate sleepiness patterns.

    Facial recognition. Detect whether a driver is nodding off.

    Blind spot and lane detection. Help driver be aware of their surroundings.

    Having a good rest is the key to dealing with driving fatigue matters. Making use of some technologies and tools are the assistant methods. Please visit us if you want to know more about concox telematics solutions. We are the professional GPS Tracker China Manufacturer.

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