• Electric bikes are connected to police GPS system

    Many people have memories of electric bikes being stolen, since this kind of crime is simple and easy to do, it has become the usual criminal means of suspects. Recently, Fengtai police experimented with installing GPS positioning systems on electric bicycles. It is connected to the GPS warning platform of the police station command room, which can quickly locate the stolen electric vehicle. It increases the chances of the stolen e-bike being found.

    No long ago, Mr. Zhou, who lives in the district of the You Anmen police station, recently bought an electric tricycle and the police station is promoting the installation of GPS positioning system for electric vehicles. With the idea of trying, Zhou added a GPS security device to his new car. On July 13, Zhou arrived at the police station and he said his electric tricycle which parking in Fengtai district was stolen. Police immediately located Zhou's stolen electric tricycle through its GPS management system and found the car traveling near the South 4th Ring Road. Police immediately drove to the GPS location place to search. On the east side of the bridge of Xiao village in the south fourth ring road, a man was found riding Zhou's electric tricycle eastward. The man was caught red-handed by the police.

    Installing a GPS system for an electric car requires only a small device installed in the car and a dedicated APP downloaded from a smartphone to build an anti-theft system for an electric car. The owner only needs to set up defensive mode after parking. If the vehicle moves in defense mode, the system will send an alarm to the defense platform immediately. It also sends a text message to the owner telling him that the vehicle has been moved. At present, various police stations in Fengtai are promoting electric vehicles to install GPS system in the district. A GPS warning platform was set up in the command rooms of all police stations to quickly locate stolen electric vehicles.


    Once a GPS-equipped electric bicycle gives an alarm, it will be fed back to the defense platform. In order to fight crime effectively, Fengtai police plan to set up the defense platform in the patrol sub-branch video patrol control squadron. The department is on duty 24 hours a day. After receiving an unusual car alarm, the patrol squadron will immediately notify the police station in the area where the stolen vehicle is located. The civil police went to the scene of the incident to fight crime in time.

    After installing the positioning anti-theft device, if the burglar disassembles the device first through technical means, will the device be unable to prevent theft? For this reason, first of all, similar devices are close to the size of a matchbox, which is generally not easy to find after being installed in the designated position of an electric vehicle. The device itself also has the function of automatic alarm when power is off. If the thief finds the location of the device and disassembles it, the system will immediately send a text message when the power is off, so as to facilitate the owner to check the status of his electric vehicle and call the police in time. According to the police, on the basis of technical anti-theft, the owner should also be equipped with a high-quality car lock, which can delay the thief's crime time and increase the defensive coefficient of electric bicycles.

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