• Connected Car is Transforming Connected Economy

    A great majority of people are enjoying the advantages that connected car offer, such as real-time tracking, making a call while driving and so on. It can provide not only convenience but also road safety. What’s more important, connected car can transform connected economy.



    New connected capabilities such as secure delivery destination for on-demand packages ordered from online retailers is widely used. New technologies are intertwining the car into our lives in innovative ways. According to the report, Americans spend 300 hours per year driving. You can see how big the connected economy is from this.

    Car drivers and passengers, or car owners and their dealerships and service centers, all rely on fast and secure cloud-based services and then realize two-way communications. From maintenance diagnostics to monitoring child drivers, nearly every byte of driving data will target a cloud platform. The necessity for cloud platforms drives the booming of connected car economy.

    Telematics also occupy a big share in the connected economy, especially in the fleet management area. IoT fleet management makes it for the following things in traffic systems: Inform the effective real-time route                                                                                                                                                                                                              Provide the achievable solution that can interface with vendors and customers                                                                                                                                              Connect the vehicle with the traffic environment by providing V2V networks

    The car is more than a vehicle; it is a connected platform that gives businesses, services, customers and capabilities access to each other in an expanding universe of new possibilities. To learn more about how Concox is helping the connected car drive new use cases in the IoT economy, check out here.

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