• Examine and test two cost-effective Concox vehicle GPS-trackers


    Protection and management of vehicles are the most popular purposes of GPS tracking, that’s why you can see different software features for fleet management and thousands of devices. 

    Cars frequently lack anti-theft technology. Cars theft prevention can easily be helped by adding an activated GPS tracker. 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau state that Cars thefts were up . As we roll into the summer we’re also at a time when Cars come out of the garage and thefts go up. Some advice given to Cars owners includes locking the Cars to a stationary, immovable object. There is also advice to lock the forks and disc brakes. Lastly you can use a Cars alarm. While some of the prior advice might work a GPS tracker is also great idea for Cars theft prevention. Deterrents, such as fast theft recovery, help with Cars theft prevention.

    Concox is known worldwide as a top GPS device and wireless equipment manufacturer. This time we decided to examine and test two cost-effective Concox vehicle GPS-trackers TR02 and WeTrack2. 

    Appearance and installation

    Concox TR02 and WeTrack2 are compact GPS trackers that have built-in GNSS and GSM antennas. TR02 case is made of high-quality soft-touch plastic. WeTrack2 brags its rubberized surface. It looks dignified. Unfortunately, they both do not have any ingress protection (IP).

    TR02 model has only two wires for connection: PWR and GND. Regarding WeTrack2, there are PWR, GND as well + input for ignition status control and output you can manage remotely. A backup battery 270 mAh is provided only for WeTrack2.

    You can configure the trackers with SMS-commands only. There is no special configurator or USB port for connection to a PC. We decided to activate and test the devices with Navixy because of the fully automated setup process. 


    Quality of tracks

    We were doing the action test for two devices simultaneously. Took them into the car, set tracking mode every 30 sec and went cruising the streets. Both GPS trackers were connected to the same power source.

     In general the tracks are quite accurate but not perfect. It was detected that tracks were a little bit cut on turns. The reason is adjusting the trackers only by time. However, We  will add tracking parameters in the next firmware updates: tracking by distance and azimuth.

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