• Vehicle fleet tracking system: 5 scientific methods to achieve efficient fleet management


    Efficient Vehicle fleet tracking system can not only reduce transportation costs, but also protect the environment. The digital road of modern fleet management is developing rapidly. Telematics can deeply understand the operating conditions of drivers and vehicles, thereby giving more low-consumption and efficient scientific decision-making. In what ways can you effectively reduce costs?


    1. Reduce vehicle drag coefficient

    During the later use of the vehicle, most of the expenses are fuel consumption expenses. For logistics companies, saving fuel consumption is very important. There are many factors that affect truck fuel consumption, but people tend to focus on body weight, engine technology, transmission gear ratio, and often ignore fuel consumption caused by air resistance. In fact, when a truck is driving at a high speed, air resistance accounts for a very large proportion of the total driving resistance, which far exceeds the resistance caused by other factors, and has a greater impact on fuel consumption.

    2. Change the oil regularly

    Regular oil replacement can protect the internal parts of the engine and save future maintenance costs. Not only that, the condition of the engine oil will also affect the fuel consumption. As the engine oil decomposes, the lubricity gradually decreases, generating more friction and heat, which leads to a decrease in engine operating efficiency.

    3. Tire pressure maintenance

    By keeping the tires at a normal PSI, the resistance when the vehicle is running will be much smaller and a lot of fuel can be saved. In addition, the PSI will drop by approximately 1 for every 10 degree Fahrenheit drop in tire pressure, and vice versa.

    4. Digital management

    Digitization is another way to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This will reduce printing costs and paper costs, increase the speed of office workflows, reduce confusion and unnecessary additional storage requirements, and create a more efficient operation team.

    5. GPS locator + visual fleet management

    Accurate real-time positioning can not only monitor the driving route of the driver, but also improve the customer experience. When the customer calls to inquire about the delivery status, the fleet manager can use the locator to understand the driver's location and give a more accurate estimated delivery time. In addition, the driving recorder is used to manage the driving behavior of the driver, effectively prevent risks and standardize the driving behavior of the driver, cooperate with the locator to optimize the route selection, realize efficient dispatch, and minimize the cost of fuel consumption.

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