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    Today, I like to introduce the more and more popular UBI solution in the market. UBI is Usage-based insurance, known as pay as you drive and pay how you drive. Utilize UBI data could help you Visualization for Auto Insurance. 

    Traditional UBI solutions are based on odometers and location trackers, but nowadays more efficient way is to use a telematics device UBI tracker to support professional UBI projects.    

    Now Concox UBI solution combines with it’s newest UBI tracker model VG01U&VG02U are coming out。These 2 devices support flexible Installation, they can connect with the vehicle’s hard-wire or plug& play connect with the vehicle’s OBD port. The biggest strength of VG01U& VG02U is they can monitor 8 typical driver behavior and analysis vehicle status 

    First & second, the device will can analysis the vehicle have Harsh acceleration or harsh braking by the acceleration change in 4s time. Third & fifth When the Absolute lateral acceleration is greater than 4m/s2 and orientation change exceeds 20°, then the device will judge vehicle have sudden lane change. If positioning orientation change exceeds 45°, the device can judge the vehicle have harsh cornering. If positioning orientation changes greater than 20° but smaller than 70°, the tracker will analyze the vehicle is pitch & roll situation. Sixth and seventh When have Vehicle accidents, if the acceleration is greater than 20m/s, but changes of the pitch and roll do not exceed 20°, the device will analysis it’s a collision, if the vehicle's pitch or roll changes more than 70°, the device will analysis the vehicle is roll-over. Eighth while vehicle changes the yaw at an absolute angular velocity greater than 20°/s and continuously for more than 3s. VG01U&VG02U will analyze the Vehicle is skidding. 

    Also, VG01U&VG02U can record the driving data include Driving hours/Dangerous zone entry/ Accurate mileage(<2% error compared from vehicle odometer). They can help you recover the stolen Vehicle because of the tow alert and remote engine cut-off function. And when an emergency happened. The One-touch SOS button keeps driver and vehicle’s safety

    What’s more, VG01U&VG02U has built inside Inertial navigation, which means even when the vehicle is in the non-GPS area, like Tunnel/ Underground parking lot/ Urban canyon or under the overpass. VG01U& VG02U still can tell where are you and where you have you been. 

    And all the above you don’t have to worry about how to get the UBI telematics data. Jimi’s backend Tracksolid provides tracking data and alert analysis directly for corporate fleet/ data and insurance company, Tracksolid provides sufficient raw data and open its API for easy integration, which allows data company to create its business intelligence module based on local policy and driving score management.

    UBI solution like VG01U&VG02U, not only working with auto manufacturer/ insurance company or software provider but also the can great help enterprise fleet/ government/ mobile carrier/internet-based firms to expand the client base, diversify business mode, 

    Increase vehicle safety, control the cost and improve efficiency in the meantime. UBI solution is Embracing More Business Scenarios Smarter Driver, Smarter Vehicle, Smarter City That’s UBI. 

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