• JM-LL01 Cat M1 / ​​NB2 LTE GPS Asset Tracker provides exciting advantages

    The management of mobile assets is not considered a top priority in many organizations. This oversight leads to many costly and time-wasting issues, from hassles surrounding loss or theft to the inefficient geographic deployment of equipment or other assets. 

    If you’re one of those asset or fleet managers who have yet to take advantage of today efficiency-driving GPS tracking technology the all-new JM-LL01 will be a true game-changer for your business or organization. This compact, yet powerful Cat M1/Nb2 LTE tracking device will help you keep visibility on your assets in real-time, helping you to better manage your assets in a variety of ways. With the added productivity you’ll get from using the JM-LL01 on your assets, you and your team will be empowered to spend more time serving your customers and focusing on what you do best. 

    JM-LL01 Cat M1 / ​​NB2 LTE GPS Asset Tracker provides exciting  advantages, including:

    Global Connectivity 
    Supporting multiple frequency bands.Applying the current global low-power network trend, using the latest Quectel module, the frequency band covers B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B8 / B12 / B13 / B18 / B19 / B20 / B26 / B28 / B66, giving it Wider acceptance and application stability. Its highly reliable LTE connection, seamless handoffs, and low latency processor ensure that the device never loses its connection with the cloud or tracking platform. 

    Unprecedented Battery Life
    With its 10,000mah internal battery, the JM-LL01 delivers exceptional battery life: up to 3 years at 1 location per day. Its low power modes can be configured by SMS or platform command, modifying both data upload frequencies and overall battery life. All of this customizability allows for the JM-LL01 to greatly improve operational efficiency while reducing resource waste. 

    Easy Setup and Installation
    There’s no need to invest in complicated infrastructure or software, and you won’t be burdened with new, confusing processes. Unboxing and initial activation take about 5 minutes. Once your account is set up, simply attach the unit and begin tracking via our online portal.  

    Tamper Alert for Anti-Theft
    Once attached with the strong magnet, the JM-LL01’s tamper alert will notify you immediately should the device be removed from the asset, giving you constant peace of mind that your assets are protected.

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