• Concox JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker Device FAQ


    Many users have a lot of problems after purchasing the locator due to improper operation or multi-party factors, which brings a poor user experience. Therefore, Concox specially organized the JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker. Common problems encountered during use, and the corresponding solutions are given.



    Q1: What is the initial password of the locator?

    A: JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker does not need to set the initial password. The user purchases the JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker from the seller. It only needs to connect the Io card with the flow, according to the instructions of the instructions, and finally, when the battery switch is turned ON and the terminal is turned on, you can experience the JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker series of function services.

    Q2: The signal received is unstable, bad, what is going on?

    A: This kind of problem may be caused by the use of terminals in poorly-accepted areas, such as near high-rise buildings or basements, where radio waves are not easily transmitted. It is recommended to use terminals located in good signals.

    Q3: Why is JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker unable to boot?

    A: Usually because the battery switch is not turned on, you need to turn the battery switch to ON.

    Q4: JM-LG01 Asset GPS Tracker cannot connect to the network

    A: There are four possible reasons for this type of problem:

    1. The SIM card is not installed and you need to re-check the SIM card installation.

    2. The metal surface of the SIM card is dirty, so the solution is to wipe it with a clean cloth.

    3. If the SIM card is invalid, you need to contact the operator of the network service to troubleshoot.

    4. If the service area or weak signal area is exceeded, such as a remote area, you need to move to the service area of ​​the network service operator or move to a strong signal to try again to ensure the network is normal.


    Q5: Why can't I find the location information?

    A: There are two kinds of problems, which may be caused by two reasons:

    1. If the received reply is always “No data found, please try again”, you need to get in touch with your dealer in time and confirm your fault.

    2. Another situation may be that the SIM card does not have the traffic function enabled. Please contact the network service provider to enable the traffic function.

    The above is a solution to the common problem. If there are more difficult problems to solve, please contact, We will contact you once receive your inquiries or suggestions.

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