• Concox GT88 For Your Truck Fleet Security

    GT88, a new product of Concox released at the close of August 2014, is designed to increase your truck fleets’security and safety. Not only safety but also productivity will be improved. GT88 is amazing because of its advantages over products of its kind and benefits customers will enjoy.
    The multifunctional GPS truck tracker GT88 is a mini smart truck tracker with positioning and tracking systems. By utilizing GT88 as your truck tracker, you can gain complete control over your fleet and reduce costs and improve productivity. 
    1.Reducing costs
    Maintaining proper speeds ranks top in the list of reducing fuel costs. On the other hands, GT88 can also help to reduce idling time in the situation where a longer duration happens than the preset one. 
    2.Improving driver behavior
    Driving behavior including truck speed, engine start-up and shut-down and idling time can be improved by sending you text messages via platforms. Tracking your trucks encourages employees to work more effectively and stop utilizing company trucks for personal use. You will know exactly when employees start work, how long they take for lunches and breaks, and when they stop working for the day. 
    3.Increasing security&safety
    In the event that your truck is stolen, you can also track your truck through a hidden GPS receiver. Furthermore, proper maintenance ensures that your trucks are operated under safety guidelines.
    4.Satisfactory customer service
    We provide you with high-quality products in a factory price and client-oriented sales and after-sale services. You can find your preferred products in the most cost-effective price and we boost your business.
    Truck tracking might be new to your business, but GPS is becoming a rising industry that benefits so many people, especially those own cars or trucks. The multifunctional GPS truck tracker GT88 is a new star shinning in the industry of GPS tracking system.
     GT88 GPS Tracker


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