• GPS vehicle tracking device-How to choose the most suitable for your own logistics transportation management


    Integrating GPS technology into fleet management can help companies operate fleets more efficiently and improve economic efficiency. When selecting a fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking Device for fleet management, companies need to consider the following:

    1. Determine what features you need

    For different models and vehicle applications, as well as their own specific needs, determine which functions need to have a positioner. For example, do you need to track small vehicles, monitor large trucks, long-distance freight, container transportation, cold chain transportation or valuable asset tracking? After you determine your needs, choose a portable locator, extra-long standby locator, cold chain transport locator, or container locator. Each type of locator has different functions. It is best to choose the locator that best suits your needs. of.

    2. Real-time tracking or regular upload

    For many businesses, tracking fleet management in real-time is an incredible advantage. Real-time GPS tracker enables you to know exactly where your vehicle or asset is at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With intermittent updates, the device will periodically transfer new locations as assets move. Real-time tracking is more suitable for local or municipal government agencies such as law enforcement and emergency management. It can know the location of vehicles or assets anytime, anywhere. It is more conducive to law enforcement personnel to visually manage and dispatch vehicles and assets. It can also achieve high efficiency for law enforcement personnel and tasks. management,

    Compared with the real-time positioning function, the timed upload function saves the battery consumption of the device and can prolong the battery life. Generally, it can be used for three or five years. Anti-theft and anti-lost.

    3. Short-term or long-term

    First, you need to make sure you are looking for a fleet GPS locator that can be used for months or years at a time, and then help you choose a wired or wireless locator.

    ① Wireless GPS fleet locator

    Wireless GPS trackers usually have strong magnetic free installation. Some are disposable batteries and some are rechargeable batteries. You can choose to upload data in real-time or at certain intervals to save battery life.


    ②Wired GPS fleet locator

    If you need to track vehicles or assets for a long time, it is best to use a wired fleet GPS locator. Power can be drawn from the vehicle's power supply system and no battery is required.



     Solar GPS tracker

    Solar-based fleet positioning equipment can be applied to ship fishing. Generally equipped with a built-in battery plus solar panel, there is no need to worry about power exhaustion, and it can be recharged repeatedly, which is more environmentally friendly and economical. With its wireless application firmware upgrade, there is no need to worry about fleet tracking device firmware becoming outdated or vulnerable.



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