• Concox GPS Trackers: Track Your Employees

    Concox GPS vehicle trackers can be used for many different business purposes. Among which employees tracking is a priority. To track your employees you can reduce time wasting and keep drivers productive so that you can reduce money wasting. To avoid improper driver behavior, you can keep drivers honest and improve your business.
    When you use our product GT88 to track your truck, you can accurately track your vehicle location and speed. You can know exactly where your employees are how they use your vehicles. If the driver is heading for a wrong direction, your device will receive a signal to warn you the situation. Other Concox vehicle trackers can also be used in this situation to locate and track.
    Companies can also become more efficient with vehicle routing through tracking technology. When dispatchers know where every car and truck is, they can dispatch the ones closest to a particular job. 
    Monitoring vehicle speed is another way that technology can save on gas expenses while improving safety. Vehicle fleet managers can also improve efficiency by tracking and eliminating employees’ unauthorized breaks. If employees are making unauthorized personal use of vehicles, GPS tracking can strongly discourage that behavior. In case of theft, GPS systems can also help recover stolen vehicles and inventory.
    (By Jennifer) 


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