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    NEW DELHI: It would soon be possible for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to track the movement of its 4,000 odd buses and passengers might also be able to locate, in real time, the bus they want to board.

    The transport corporation will be floating a tender shortly for the installation of Global Positioning System (GPS) in all its 3,944 buses. According to sources in Delhi government's transport department, DTC is also going to come up with a call centre from where real time movement of all its buses would be tracked.

    There are also plans to come up with a mobile application for commuters so that they can find out the available buses from their location to their destination.

    Even though DTC buses are equipped with GPS, most of them are non-functional at the moment. The location and movement of DTC buses was supposed to be tracked by Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), for which it has been billing DTC since 2010, but it has failed to provide real time data to DTC, a transport department official said.

    DTC will now install GPS devices in its buses itself and the decision was finalised in a meeting chaired by transport minister Kailash Gahlot on Tuesday. In the meeting, it was decided that DTC would go for 'cost model', in which the estimated cost of these devices would be first devised and then an approval from the DTC board would be taken, before going ahead with floating the tender.

    "The monitoring of data from GPS devices in DTC buses was being done by DIMTS but the result was not satisfactory. As a result, DIMTS was given a notice of termination a month ago and the agreement has now been terminated," a transport department official said. "DTC is now free to install GPS devices in its buses on its own. It will set up a call centre to track movement of buses and the modalities of operation of this control room would now be worked out."

    With the new GPS devices, DTC would hopefully be able to track its buses better and pass on the information to its commuters. With real time monitoring of buses becoming possible, it might also be able to properly rationalise its routes.

    GT800 high-end Multifunctional Vehicle GPS Tracker, GPS tracker worth choosing.Has the following features:

    Mediatek Intelligence Chipset

    The GT800 adopt high-performance processing chipest-MTK6261D.While reducing the power consumption by a large margin, the accuracy of positioning is greatly increased.

    GPS+AGPS Double Positioning

    The GT800 support both GPS and AGPS positioning,once there has good GPS signal,

    it will locate via GPS. At the same tine,AGPS assist GT800 to locate faster. The double 

    positioning allow the location to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly.

    IP66 Dust And Waterproof

    The GT800 have high precision shell to ensure stable operation in tough environment.It is not only not afraid of dust, but also don't worry about being splashed by water.

    Voice Monitoring

    When MIC and speaker are connected,use pre-set SOS number to send command JT# to the device. Device would automatically call you back in a second. Pick up and monitor the vocie inside the vehicle.

    Wire Cut-off Alarm

    When the electricity supply of device is cut off,it will activate cut-off alarm.In this case,the GT800 will send related SMS to the SOS numbers and dial the numbers in circles.The call will keeps 3 loops.

    Oil Cut-off

    When the phone receives an abnormal alarm,We can send oil cut-off command on a platform.To make sure the security of vehicle,tracker can only indicate to cut off oil when

    GPS is in valid position status,and the speed is less than 20km/h.

    SOS Emergency calling

    The GT800 have Independent SOS key,Press SOS button for 3 seconds to activate SOS alarm.Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset SOS numbers and dial the numbers in a loop for 3 times until one of them answers.Finally,send location to platform.

    Door Detection 

    The GT800 is bale to detec door status.It uploads car status to platform and APP timely.

    When car door’s status is negative triggering,there is no need to set.Instead,if car  door status is positive triggering,the triggering way has to be modified.

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