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    The GPS tracker-powered Wisdom Ranch is based on the GPS Internet. Take the cattle or sheep as an example. Wear a solar GPS satellite locator on each cow and sheep. Use the battery and solar panels provided by the locator to continuously provide power. Connected to the central GPS management system, you can grasp the precise position of each cow sample in real-time through mobile phone or computer, and efficiently manage each cow and sheep, effectively eliminating the loss of cattle and sheep.

    Project Background: Yak is a large-scale animal that is wildly stocked in the alpine region. Many Tibetans make a living from the yak. However, there are many problems in the management of yak farming. For example, yak is stolen and lost, and it is difficult to find cattle; inbreeding leads to population degradation; excessive grazing leads to grassland degradation. In order to facilitate the management of yak by the animal husbandry and animal husbandry bureau staff, Sichuan Mobile and Concox have created a “wisdom pasture” to realize yak livestock management through NB-IoT network technology.

    The solar panel is used to charge the device to achieve a longer service life. The features are: the body is lighter and thinner, and the positioning point is denser. Added monitoring of physiological indicators such as heart rate and body temperature. The security protection device has a built-in security encryption chip. By using China Mobile's secure encryption and authentication service to prevent counterfeit devices and falsely report the situation of the yak, the data collected from the yak can be prevented from being stolen by others, and the security of data transmission is fully guaranteed.


    System structure: Wisdom Ranch takes the loT PaaS platform as the core, obtains data through the pastoral smart circle terminal, displays the data set in the client APP (including the herder version, the animal husbandry bureau version) and the animal husbandry bureau management WEB, and uses the precise algorithm to classify Statistics, easy to view and unified management.

    Integrated Livestock Management Platform: The platform is used by the staff of the Animal Husbandry Bureau. The system integrates basic information management, animal husbandry management, breeding management, vaccine injection management, quarantine management, pasture management, yak positioning alarm monitoring, statistical reports, and other functions to simplify animal husbandry. The office staff's office process enables paperless and efficient office work.

    The herdsmen use the herdsmen's APP to build their own fences to associate the yak. ​​The system can check the yak's registration according to the yak's position. The yak who is not in the fence will report to the herdsmen. At the same time, the herdsmen can check the basic information, current location and health status of the yak, and can track the yak, apply for breeding and quarantine.

    The GPS Smart Ranch Integrated Solution collects a series of data such as Yak GPS Beidou Double Star Positioning Data, Yak Life's surrounding environment data and Yak Physiological Indicators through Yak Intelligent Terminal Equipment, and transmits it to the big data platform for real-time transmission via NB-IoT network. And data analysis. Using the Smart Field APP, pastoralists can implement grazing management, cattle location monitoring, and yak health status viewing anytime, anywhere. The yak archives are established through the wisdom ranch big data platform, which is convenient for traceability, generates blood relationship spectrum, prevents inbreeding, and promotes prenatal and postnatal care. At the same time, big data analysis can be used to study the factors affecting the growth rate of yak, and grassland control can be realized to help solve the problem of grass length degradation caused by overgrazing.

    With its low power consumption and high penetration, NB-IoT is ideal for providing secure connections to devices in large geographical areas (usually remote areas), making NB-IoT the technology of choice for managing and monitoring things, while Ranch is a model for the use of NB-IoT network technology.

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