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    With the rise of "shared bicycles", the streets of their shadow has become a unique beautiful scenery, then many friends may have doubts: sharing the bike has a positioning? Otherwise, how to do stolen? Do not worry, then Down with me together to see how to share a bike?

    Positioning system is more conducive to enterprises to achieve efficient, convenient and sophisticated operations.Where the need to put, where the need for transport, where the car out of the problem can understand the crystal clear, and today's Mobike red envelopes car is a typical positioning system based on the operation of the case.

    Take Mobker's picture as an example. The positioning system is the basis for the business and government to obtain large data on the travel of the residents. What is the city's travel habits, such as the peak time of travel in different regions, the number and time of people from area A to area B ... ... Imagine the daily city of the city's data, that is how large, in today's large data age, these data and different regions of the enterprises, institutions, infrastructure construction, especially traffic conditions Combined, especially for the current government infrastructure construction and services have a very large reference value.



    At present, with the market to share more and more types of cycling, remove the market competition, the sharing of bicycle technology is a patent lock. In Shenzhen, for example, the existing shared bicycle technology is nothing more than two kinds: GPS smart lock and mechanical lock.

    GPS Smart Lock: Mobike, Hellobike

    1. Charging method: the use of power hub, the cost is relatively high.

    2. Location: GSM / GPRS and GPS positioning module (separation)

    3. Disadvantages: charging and riding experience need to find a balance point

    Mechanical lock: OFO

    1.ofo not installed GPS positioning terminal, the user can not search through the mobile phone APP near the vehicle, customers need to find a luck when looking for vehicles.

    2. The password for each bike is fixed, if someone remember the password can be free to enjoy.

    3. Operation Experience Process APP is separated from the bike.

    Through this we can clearly see most of the market share of the bicycle is GPS positioning, in addition to OFO also retains the traditional mechanical lock, but I think this way the safety of the car has some hidden dangers.

    Concox BL10 Smart Bike-sharing GPS Lock


    Seamlessly combined with HW and SW, the Concox  bike sharing solution effectuates information interaction among operators, users and bicycles, bringing superior riding experience and visualized operation, For users, find or reserve a bicycle from web browser or mobile APP are available. Bicycles can be unlocked by scanning the QR code, SMS, GPRS and Bluetooth. When riding finished, user can view and share your mapped rides and statistics, including miles traveled, calories burned, cost, etc.

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