• Concox GPS Personal Tracker GT300

    Concox GPS personal tracker GT300 is perfect for the employers to monitor their employees when they are on business trips. It is fashion looking and light, making it attractive to us and convenient to carry. 
    When your employees are on long-distance business trips but you want to know all about their whereabouts and whether they are in their positions during working time, GT300 will be your best choice. 
    With GT300, you can check your employees’ attendances and keep in touch with them all the time. To keep them safe and monitor them, you should have a GT300 for them. It has the functions of SOS alarm and setting two family numbers. The device won’t bother you and it is a hidden GPS personal tracker for you to carry. 
    Besides, this device can also be applied in other situations such as cargo tracking, pet protection, disabled support, child care, and elderly safeguard. 
    You may not know GT300 or Concox, but you must want to protect your family and belongings. Choosing our Concox GT300 will be your right choice and it is a perfect one for employers to protect and monitor their employees. 
    (By Jennifer)


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