• Concox GPS Cellphones for Your Loved Ones

    Concox GPS Personal Trackers are designed for you to take care of your loved ones. Not only you yourself, but also your beloved ones can benefit a lot from your devices. Such as GK301 and GK306 for kids, GK309 for students. 
    When you perform with your GK309, you need two SIM cards. One is for your cellphone, the other the device. And before you start your device, you need to set parameters for them. Such as family numbers, SOS alarm. And then you can start use your device. You put your SIM card into the card slot of GK309. Then you press the button family numbers and you can make a call to these numbers. When you press SOS button, your cellphone will receive the signal and then build connection with your device. As it is for students, you can also make it stay invisible in class and being undisturbed by others. The student’s attendance can also be recorded. 
    With Concox GPS Cellphones we wish you feel secured and peaceful in mind. Wish your family safety and security. And you can contact us for more details. Thank you for your time.
    (By Jennifer)



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