• Why use a GPS asset tracking device?


    In recent years, with the globalization of trade, many large ports and large container terminals have appeared. How to improve the management level of these containers to adapt to the ever-increasing cargo transportation business volume, reduce operating costs, improve international competitiveness, and reduce the occurrence of dangerous container incidents is a problem that requires everyone to think about.

    With the rapid development of the logistics industry, in order to continuously meet the various requirements of container transportation in international trade, GPS asset tracking device is gradually being paid attention to by more and more people, and some experts also conducted professional discussions on the positioning technology of containers.



    Concox CT10 Container GPS Tracker is specially designed for container transportation and ship freight. It has the characteristics of super cost-effectiveness and long standby time. It can provide managers with accurate location, environment, alarm, and other data monitoring, and assist managers in completing the intelligent dispatch of containers And management, further strengthen risk prevention and control, and effectively prevent problems such as loss of goods, deterioration, or damage of goods that are prone to occur when goods are transported in containers.

    The main features of CT10 Container GPS Tracker are:

    1. Ultra-long standby: 3800mAh battery, it can stand by for 60 days in static mode.

    2. Loading and unloading notification: It can sense the installation and removal status of the equipment, and notify the shipper and receiver in time when the container is loaded and unloaded.

    3. Multiple working modes: With a gyroscope and G-sensor, it can intelligently switch underwater, land, and static modes.


    As an important transportation link in international trade, containers are becoming more and more important. Concox CT10 Container GPS Tracker provides a powerful management method for cargo transportation, which also improves management quality and transportation efficiency, reduces transportation costs, and guarantees container transportation safety.

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