• The application and function of 4G GPS tracker in the logistics and freight industry


    In recent years, with the rise of e-commerce, the development of the logistics and freight industry has also progressed by leaps and bounds. However, while bringing convenience to consumers, many problems have also emerged at the same time, which not only affects the development of the logistics industry, but also creates a bad impression on consumers. For example, in the logistics transportation industry, there are problems in vehicle management disorder, loss of goods, loss of broken parts, and the entire logistics transportation process has problems such as imprecise process and high cost. For this reason, many logistics companies choose 4G GPS tracker to solve these problems.



    Application of 4G GPS tracker in logistics industry

    The application of 4G GPS tracker and system in the logistics field can meet the requirements of managers for real-time update, viewing and management of logistics vehicles, thus achieving the goal of reducing enterprise costs and reducing empty load rates. As a technology that provides time, location positioning, navigation, and 4G communication, 4G GPS terminals have fulfilled the requirements for transparency and clarity in the logistics links. In the logistics industry, the modern logistics and transportation intelligent management system constructed by 4G GPS terminals, systems and technologies has transformed the traditional logistics and transportation field, making logistics and transportation develop in the direction of intelligence, informatization, automation and intelligence.

    GPS technology applied to vehicles for transportation management can track and locate cargo transportation vehicles throughout the journey. Realize emergency vehicle rescue in emergencies. It can also carry out vehicle scheduling and provide the alarm function of the vehicle, so that the goods become safer in the transportation process. GPS technology used in the operation and management of freight vehicles. In the fields of monitoring and dispatching of long-distance cargo transportation, positioning and tracking of special vehicles, GPS technology is also widely used. Based on the tracking function of GPS technology for all vehicles, it realizes online distribution information services and completes the distribution of empty vehicles on the way back. To reduce the return rate of empty vehicles and save costs for enterprises.

    The role of 4G GPS tracker in the logistics industry

    Ensuring transportation safety: Real-time positioning, tracking and monitoring of vehicles and goods through GPS positioning function, effectively and fully combining the information of cargo owners, third-party logistics and drivers in the transportation industry to achieve full dispatch of goods And the purpose of vehicles, to ensure the safety of goods and drivers, and to improve transportation efficiency.

    Ensure transportation timeliness: integrate online maps, 4G mobile networks, count the time of transportation vehicles passing through each station, check the time required by the enterprise, and determine whether the vehicle arrives on time.

    Manage and control operating costs: First, you can adjust the warehousing scheduling service process to avoid the problem that vehicles cannot unload and warehousing after the arrival of the vehicle due to the hasty arrival. Through the on-transit monitoring system software, the entire vehicle is tracked, the organization level of the supply of goods is improved, the turnover efficiency is accelerated, and the GPS intelligent logistics network system is established and equipped.

    Digital satellite management has become a necessary reform in the transportation field, which is helpful to transportation companies. The logistics industry, especially the use of 4G GPS terminals and systems, will show increasing value and imagination. The logistics platform integrates various information sources, modernizes the transportation of vehicles, ensures the transportation time of vehicles, and improves logistics service products.

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