• The role and influence of 4G GPS tracker terminal and system in logistics transportation


    In the logistics industry, the intelligent logistics and transportation management system established through 4G GPS tracker terminals and systems and technologies has changed the traditional logistics and transportation industry, making logistics and transportation development in the direction of intelligence, digitization, automation, and intelligence.

     The role and influence of the 4G GPS tracker terminal and system in logistics transportation mainly include the following aspects:

    1. Ensure transportation safety. Through 4G GPS tracker terminal system technology, it can locate the driving path and area of ​​transportation management vehicles, avoiding vehicles on poor road conditions, low visibility, too many curves, and ramps, parking in residential areas, close to fire sources, and ensuring transportation safety, To make timely corrections to drivers’ behaviors such as speeding, fatigue driving, overtime parking, and other illegal driving vehicles to avoid causing life and property safety.

    2. Guarantee the timeliness of transportation. Through the combination of time service, electronic map, and 4G mobile network, the time of transportation vehicles passing through each site is recorded and compared with the time specified by the enterprise, and the judgment of whether the vehicle arrives on time is made. Meituan has done a good job in this regard. , To help companies guarantee the timeliness of transportation.

    3. Improve the quality of transportation. For example, in cold chain transportation companies, through 4G GPS tracker terminal technology, coupled with temperature and humidity sensors, the most important factor affecting the quality of cold chain goods is collected in real-time and full-process data and the time and place of abnormal temperature are located to supervise drivers. Sacred Stone is transported by a cold chain throughout the entire journey.

    4. Manage transportation costs. For example, in the main road transportation, the 4G GPS tracker terminal cooperates with the collection of vehicle fuel consumption data to realize the entire fuel consumption data analysis of the transportation process, avoiding abnormal transportation fuel consumption and increasing the cost of the enterprise.

    5. Monitoring of sensitive areas. In the process of logistics and transportation, some areas often have cargo loss, transportation accidents, and other situations. When the system monitors vehicles entering this area, it will strengthen the control of vehicles and goods.

    6. Short message communication. When a logistics vehicle travels to a remote area or mountainous area, the vehicle cannot communicate and contact the dispatch management center due to the 4G network cannot be covered. When an unexpected event occurs, the vehicle can use the short message function of the Beidou positioning terminal to communicate with the dispatch center. Get in touch to enable the dispatch management center to know the status of the vehicle in time and take timely rescue measures.

    7. The 4G GPS tracker terminal has a data cache function. When it is offline, it can store data for more than 3 months. When the car is started again, all the stored data will be reissued to the platform data center.

    Satellite digital management has become a necessary reform in the transportation industry. Can help transportation companies reduce costs. In the logistics field, especially the 4G GPS tracker terminal and system, it will show more and more value and imagination. The logistics platform integrates multiple information sources, modernizes the transportation of vehicles, ensures the timeliness of vehicle transportation, and improves logistics service products.

    For large B-end customers and C-end customers, due to the uncertainty and diversity of demand, logistics companies need to continuously improve their own capabilities to meet customer needs that may exceed the scope of business to ensure customer stability and their own irreplaceability, Therefore, the blurring of the boundaries of various industries has appeared, and 4G GPS tracker terminals have become even more important.

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