• Combination of GPS Tracking and PC Software

    Concox, a provider of mobile enterprise GPS solutions, announced the availability of its GPS tracking app for tablets and laptops running Windows 7 and Windows 8. This expands the range of operating systems supported by Concox GPS Tracker to include all major operating systems for mobile devices. Concox GPS Tracker offers a powerful suite of enterprise workforce location tracking capabilities.
    Businesses can now track the GPS location of field workers using Windows tablets and Windows laptops in real-time on the same proven Concox GPS Tracker platform that supports Android devices, iOS devices, Windows Embedded Handheld computers, BlackBerrys, installed vehicle trackers and asset tracking devices. This gives IT departments the ability to utilize the same GPS tracking platform across their entire mobile workforce regardless of device or worker role.
    Concox GPS tracking system combined with PC software is a perfect joint which enables us to track all the things and people on PC. It’s so convenient that we can do tracking at home or office. Combined with current technology we can track our people more easily and effectively. 
    In all, we should focus more on the advanced stuff, our products will continue and combine with social current cash technology.


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